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Updated April 02, 2014 at 04:47 AM EDT
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The Mindy Project doubled up on the episodes last night, and it also doubled down on Mindy and Danny.

When we left off all the way back in January (!), Mindy and Danny were sitting in a tree kissing on a plane. Tonight, we returned to the scene of the big kiss, with sexy Danny sexily breathing while he sexily told Mindy she had three seconds to sexily kiss him back. Sexy. #Sexiness. So much sexiness on this show tonight!

I would have returned the kiss on the count of one, but Mindy took a moment, but when Danny said “four” — giving her an extra beat to go for it — she couldn’t resist. They made their way to the airplane restroom, where they attempted to hook up… but getting your hair stuck in the toilet tends to put a damper on things. If Reese Witherspoon rom-com characters had a nickel, am I right?

And just like that, Mindy Project was back. For those who missed the show’s trademark romantic hijinks, the program had you covered. But last night’s pair of episodes also advanced the plot forward, showing that Mindy seemed to be confidentally going all-in on exploring newly “will they” co-worker doctors Mindy and Danny. (Do they have a couple name yet? Mindy would love a couple name. So celeb-like!)

The very-much-together twosome returned from their work trip to Mindy’s apartment, where Cliff (and Morgan!) (And a mariachi band!) were waiting. Turns out, Danny’s a little too good at writing apology emails, and Cliff wanted to get back together with Mindy. Mindy felt trapped, but once Danny told her she can’t kiss him until she ends it with Cliff (#Catholic), Mindy realized she’s not that good at breaking up with guys — but she is great at getting dumped! Let Operation How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days commence!

Mindy began talking about all the kids she wanted, but Cliff wasn’t deterred. Only a call finding out his grandmother had passed away rattled him. Mindy, of course, couldn’t break up with Cliff then, so she was stuck attending his grandmother’s funeral with him, as well as with an increasingly impatient Danny. While Cliff was busy delivering a eulogy (written by Mindy, with an assist from Kendrick Lamar lyrics), Danny whisked Mindy off to go make out — but unfortunately, the Gods weren’t too happy with this conscious coupling, and Mindy accidentally bumped into a candle, starting a fire.

With that, the Dr. Pepper was pretty much out of the can, and Mindy came clean to Cliff that she’s got real feelings for Danny. Cliff then punched Danny in the face (somewhat inevitable), and Danny and his bruised lips headed back to Mindy’s place…where the duo proceed to kiss some more — until a lamp lightbulb went out. Cliff’s vengeful grandma will have her revenge!

The next episode opened, once again, with Mindy and Danny kissing (definitely should become this show’s signature), when Mindy abruptly shut things down and told Danny she didn’t want to have sex with him quite yet. (Gotta save something for the next few episodes!) Danny proceeded to bro out a bit, hilariously attempting to prove to Mindy how many women he could get to come over in a heartbeat. (Actual number: One. Who charges.)

Elsewhere in the episode. Danny came down with viral meningitis and was hospitalized. Meanwhile, Mindy learned a sex tape she made once upon a time with Tom (Returning Guest Star of My Heart Bill Hader) had surfaced. Upside: Peter gave it three stars. Downside: This is the kind of thing Danny wouldn’t be amused by. The whole plot was pretty ridiculous — you’re trying to tell me a woman who knows the ins and outs of the Kardashians doesn’t realize the potential issues with a sex tape? — but it did allow the show to explore some physical comedy…and for viewers to almost meet Vince & Owen.

Once Mindy came down with meningitis as well (#NoRegrets), Peter decided to be helpful, and encouraged Danny (who was in serious grumpy old man form for most of the evening), to get past the whole sex tape thing. Which he did. AND THEN THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN HAPPENED: A wheelchair-riding Danny came to Mindy’s hospital room, got in bed with her, told her he was cool with taking it slow, put on his old man reading glasses (already featured heavily on Tumblr), and started to read her Bridget Jones’s Diary — complete with a British accent.

The whole thing was pandering and adorable and I may have blushed and rewound my DVR. Despite some questionable behavior earlier in the episode, it turns out Danny is a Firth, not a Grant.

Meanwhile, over in Plots of Characters Not Currently Hooking Up With Each Other:

– Peter is bored at the ballet and costs the firm the NYC Ballet’s business

– Tom’s new girlfriend has a killer personality

-Morgan really loves his grandmother

The Pick Up Lines that Weren’t:

-“I’m horny for kisses!”

-“Show me on this what you did to Cliff last night.”

-“Outside the box is where I choose to live.” “Oh My God, I’m going to barf.”

-“Apparently there’s a three-strike policy for falling in the fountain [at Lincoln Center].”

-I dont have sex with guys until I’ve gone on five dates or they’ve spent $2000 on me.”


“I’ve seen her number on two different bathroom walls… in her own handwriting.”

“Tried again, still having trouble.”

“It was the 2000s! You were a loser if you didn’t have a sex tape!”

“Have fun not building up a credit history.”

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