By Samantha Highfill
Updated April 01, 2014 at 08:19 PM EDT
Credit: Everett Collection

I feel like, “Hi, my name is Samantha, and I watch a lot of TV,” is the unspoken introduction I hand out on a daily basis. Or at least, that fact is gathered within seconds of meeting me. The person I’m speaking to either A) Asks me what I’m doing that night (watching TV), B) Asks me where I work, or C) I quote a TV show before they can ask me anything at all. And guess what? I’m okay with it.

I discovered that my passion was pop culture at a very young age. It doesn’t mean that I live my entire life on the couch. I also enjoy traveling and yoga and many other things, and yes, I do find time for all of them. Loving pop culture simply means I find time to watch things, and sure, it’s true that I spend the vast majority of my weeknights at home, but the key is that I love every minute of it.

So earlier today, when I heard that there was a website that could calculate how much of your life you’ve spent in front of a television, I had the reaction that I think most everyone has: I cringed. I don’t want to know how many months (if not more) I’ve spent sitting on my butt in front of a (magical, love of my life) box. But I went to the website anyway, where it asked me to enter a show’s title and how many seasons of it I’d watched. It would then calculate the amount of time I’d spent watching said show. From there, you added another show, and the number continued to grow. I started with: 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, four of The O.C., 10 of Friends, five of Breaking Bad, nine of Supernatural, five of The Vampire Diaries, and five of Friday Night Lights. But I stopped when I realized something.

Well, for one thing, there’s no way this website could calculate ALL the hours I’ve “wasted,” because I’ve seen all of those shows, in their entirety, multiple times, not to mention the Friends reruns I watch just about every night. But after I got that thought out of the way, I had a real epiphany: I will not cringe at the fact that I’ve already spent more than a month of my life in front of a television! I will not be ashamed!

Listen, movies and TV and the like? They’re what I love. They bring me immense joy. And in addition to that, they’re what inspire me. I’m a writer, and maybe one day I’d like to write my own screenplay or my own pilot. Regardless, it’s an art form, so excuse me if I want to spend months of my life admiring it. (It also doesn’t hurt that it’s quite literally part of my job.)

But even if it’s not part of your job, I want to tell everyone that you don’t have to be ashamed of whatever number you get from this site. I mean, be healthy and whatnot, but do what you love! That being said, if you’ve somehow spent half of your lifespan in front of a TV, maybe you should try and get outside more. We should probably draw the line somewhere, right?