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On HBO’s Veep, Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays the gaffe-prone, image-conscious vice president of the United States. She’s pretty good at it: Not only has she secured the support of both critics and fans, she’s won two Emmys for the role of Selina Meyer. Turns out, Louis-Dreyfus can subconsciously slip into Meyer mode when the show’s cameras aren’t rolling too. Earlier this year, she attended a high-profile event at the White House with a man who is very close to her. (No, not Tony Hale, who co-stars as her on-screen body man Gary — it was her father, Gerard Louis-Dreyfus.) What happened next was … well, we’ll just let Louis-Dreyfus take it from here:

“I went to the White House state dinner for the president of France. It was extremely exciting. My father is French and has dual citizenship, and he came with me, and it was a thrill, as you can imagine. And at the beginning of the evening, when you’re ushered in once you get through security, they have you wait in the portico, and then each guest walks through as they’re being announced. So it was about our turn to be announced. This is where the cameras are, by the way, this is where they have the press pool as you’re walking by, and I thought, ‘Oh geez, I forgot to check my lipstick and powder myself.’ And so I took out my powder out of my evening clutch and what happened? Dropped it. And the entire powder thing shattered and there was MAC powder all over the portico. Everywhere. And I looked up at the [military aide] and said, ‘I’m so sorry! Do you guys have a vacuum?’ I had to let people go ahead of me while I was trying to sweep it with my hand. It was such a Selina moment — except I don’t think she would have apologized. And she would have blamed it on Gary, of course.”

For more with Louis-Dreyfus and the cast of Veep, which kicks off season 3 on Sunday, pick up the latest issue of EW.

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