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It’s official! The stars of Nashville are heading out on their first-ever concert tour. Charles Esten, Clare Bowen, Jonathan Jackson, Sam Palladio, and Chris Carmack are hitting the road on April 25, where they’ll put on their first show in Chicago. From there, the tour will continue to Washington D.C. on May 4, and New York City on May 6. And for NYC fans only, fellow cast member Will Chase will also take the stage.

But as all big Nashville fans will note, there are many pros and cons to be taken away from this tour lineup. The first, most noticeable element, is the lack of stars Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere. And although I’m sure many fans will be disappointed to hear they won’t be getting any Deacon-Rayna numbers — I know I am — from a music standpoint, I’m much more bummed that sister duo Lennon & Maisy aren’t making the rounds. They’re arguably the greatest part of the show, not to mention that I love my Maddie-Deacon duets.

And what about Chaley Rose? Despite being a fan of Avery and Gunnar, and obviously being extremely excited for potential Gunnar-Scarlett duets live, I’ve really been enjoying the vocal team of Avery, Gunnar, and Rose’s Zoey this year. I will definitely miss the presence of her silky smooth vocals sandwiched between those two yummy men.

But regardless of what you think, we wanted to prepare you for what you can expect from the show.

There will hopefully be a little of this:

More than likely a lot of this:

Sadly, none of this:

Definitely this:

And potentially this (with one missing vocal):

Tour tickets go on sale Friday, April 4.

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