By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated March 31, 2014 at 09:28 PM EDT
Credit: Ron P. Jaffe/CBS

This is arguably one of the more minor questions going into Monday night’s series finale of How I Met Your Mother, but nevertheless, I’m curious: What do you think the Mother’s name is?

I know it doesn’t matter a great deal — whether she’s a Joan or a Latrine won’t change how we view the show. (Ok, Latrine might change it a little.) But, I’d count this nugget of info among the pieces of mythology that I assume has been long-planned, like the series finale itself. Thus, I wonder if her name is something that’s been hinted at before.

Take, for example, the longstanding speculation that her name was revealed in season 1’s “Belly Full of Turkey.” At the end of that episode, we see one of the dancers at a strip club where Ted, Robin and Barney spent Thanksgiving walk up to Ted and introduce herself as “Tracy.” Then, we flash to the present day and Ted scares his children by telling them, “…and that’s how I met your mother.” He was kidding, of course, but because the name was mentioned, some fans have speculated that “Tracy” is the children’s mother’s name — or else they would have known he was lying. It’s possible that Ted didn’t mention her name when telling his story, but it’s an interesting theory.

Personally, I’m more inclined to believe the Mother’s name will be one that has meaning to the writers. That’s why my guess is that her name will be Pam — a nod to the show’s long-time director Pam Fryman. This is a woman who the cast and crew love so much that they made a goodbye video to her, and someone who’s long been referred to as the “real mother” of the show. Why wouldn’t you want to name the iconic character after someone that important to the series?

My final guess is a little ridiculous, but hear me out. What if her name is Leia? If that doesn’t scream Ted Mosby’s dream girl, I don’t know what does.

I’ve officially over-thought this subject. But the truth is, the countdown to the finale is raging on, and I’m nervously/anxiously/eagerly trying to find ways to fill the time. So…indulge me?

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