By Ariana Bacle
March 31, 2014 at 08:17 PM EDT

April Fools’ came early for Google: Monday, the company released a video promoting a new augmented reality app where smart phone users can hold up their camera and see animated Pokémon appear before them. Whoever catches all the Pokémon gets a job at Google as Pokémon Master. Easy enough, right?

In the video, eager Pokémon hunters scale cliffs, ride camels, and “fish” in the open seas in attempts to capture the sneaky little Pokémon. But, sadly, we can’t actually take our phones on an adventure across the world to score a job with Google (yet?). April Fools’!

To soften the blow, Google did give Pokémon fans a treat Monday by adding Pokémon on the regular, old Google Maps app on both iPhones and Androids. Just open up an updated version of the app on your phone and search for some high-profile places — we were able to find Pokémon when we searched for places like the Empire State Building, the White House, and the Hoover Dam.

Watch Google’s video below: