By Lanford Beard
Updated March 28, 2014 at 06:30 PM EDT

As we head into the season 4 finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday, there’s a lot more to be resolved than possibly can be in 48 minutes (and perhaps it won’t, if you read Dalton’s Ross’s chat with creator Robert Kirkman). Still, star Norman Reedus promises there are some tricks in store, especially regarding his character Daryl Dixon’s trajectory: “It starts in one place and ends in another place — it’s a full circle of action and emotion.”

Before Reedus discussed Dead‘s zombie-shuffle to the finish, though, he sat down to take EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test, where he discussed childhood crushes, his favorite quote-worthy films, cinematic scares, and a special memento he got from Blondie frontwoman and one-time costar Debbie Harry.

Watch below, then get the scoop on what’s to come when the survivors reconnect at Terminus.

As Bethyl shippers know, Daryl and his traveling companion Beth (Emily Kinney, who also took her own Pop Culture Personality Test back in February) were suddenly split up in episode 13 when Beth was abducted by unseen assailants. Reedus called the growing bond between the two opposites “sort of a candle in the darkness” for Daryl, and Beth’s unforeseen departure left some lingering tension as the pair had a “will they” moment just seconds before.

Reedus wouldn’t reveal whether Beth and Daryl will reunite by season’s end — and, if they do, whether they’ll address the new potential direction of their relationship — but he did have this to say about Daryl’s romantic style: “I don’t think Daryl’s the type of guy who’s just going to grab some girl and throw her up against a tree in the moonlight.” [Ed. Note: But oh how we wish he would.] “He’s a little more damaged than that. To play those moments when a girl meets a boy and a boy meets a girl — the awkwardness of it — I think is more endearing than some passionate kiss and a bunch of sweat. I want [Daryl and a potential romance] to earn that.”

For now, though, it’s only bromance on Daryl’s mind. The loner has temporarily teamed up with a gang of bikers, who are on a mission to take down an unnamed man who strangled one of their crew. Unfortunately for Daryl, that unnamed man is actually his pal Rick (Andrew Lincoln), who had to strangle the biker in order to survive. Now it’s almost inevitable Daryl will be forced to make a call as to where his loyalties lie when the two groups cross paths at Terminus.

Though Reedus insists Daryl has always “got Rick’s back,” his pal’s decision to exile Carol back in episode 4 might give him pause: “He believes in Rick… but he’s not going to swallow that pill very easily.” And, since the Governor’s attack on the prison splintered the group, the allies never got to hash things out. “In no way was Daryl cool with that,” Reedus says. “That conversation’s not over.”

Whatever happens, there’s no doubt fans have gotten to know Daryl — and everyone from the prison — better thanks to this season’s experimental back half. Sunday will be no different, says Reedus: “You get to see why these characters fight for what they fight for… what makes them scared and what makes them step up to the plate.”

What that plate is — and whether any of our favorite characters will be served on it — will hopefully be determined Sunday at 9 p.m. ET when AMC’s The Walking Dead wraps up its fourth season.

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