Documentaries about movies which actually got made are so passé. This film from Frank Pavich tracks the ultimately doomed attempt by eccentric cult icon and…

Jodorowsky's Dune

It remains one of the great what-ifs in movie history. What if Alejandro Jodorowsky, the eccentric Chilean auteur behind such psychedelic midnight movies as El Topo and The Holy Mountain, had adapted Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel Dune? We’ll never know, of course. But back in the mid-’70s, he crisscrossed the globe to assemble a team of creative visionaries for one of the most ambitious movies never made. Jodorowsky, who’d envisioned a film so sacred it would alter the world’s consciousness, was crushed. Adding insult, a few years later Dino De Laurentiis and David Lynch made their own Dune — a notorious flop. Which brings us back to…what if? That question hangs like a glorious riddle over Frank Pavich’s spellbinding documentary, Jodorowsky’s Dune, in which the 85-year-old (and still wild-eyed) director talks about the one that got away while we get testimonials about how influential Jodorowsky’s Dune was — paving the way for Star Wars and gathering many of the players who would later push the boundaries of the genre with 1979’s Alien. If you enjoy sci-fi, cult cinema, or messianic quests by quixotic lunatics, you will love this movie. A

Jodorowsky's Dune
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