By Ariana Bacle
Updated March 28, 2014 at 02:47 PM EDT
Credit: Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images

Have you always dreamed of riding a Knight Rider-inspired golf cart,or wasting the night away playing with a Baywatch pinball machine? If so, you’re in luck: David Hasselhoff is selling these items and more in an absurdly weird auction beginning April 11.

Beverly Hills-based Julien’s Auctions is selling off some of Hasselhoff’s wackiest memorabilia, including a denim jacket with a Disney-themed illustration and special pockets made just for water bottles. Just what you’ve been looking for!

The real treasure out of all these treasures though is a very realistic, very creepy model of David Hasselhoff belly-down, wearing only red swim trunks. Because that’s exactly what you want in your living room.

See photos of some of the items up for auction at The Hollywood Reporter, and start narrowing down which of Hasselhoff’s multiple denim jackets you have to own. This gem is one of the options — so deciding may be harder than you think.