Wutang Album

When Wu-Tang Clan does something, they do it all the way. Case in point: The group’s crazy secret new album strategy that the world learned about yesterday in an extensive Forbes story.

As the product’s official website indicates, the legendary rap team’s stealthy new record is called The Wu – Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. There’ll only be one copy of the album… like, ever. It’ll be grandly “presented in a hand carved nickel-silver box designed by the British Moroccan artist Yahya,” and yes, it looks as fancy as it sounds. Before that one copy is sold, though, civilians can listen to the album when it embarks on an ambitious tour of museums, galleries, festivals, and other such happenings around the world. Then after that, the item will go up for sale, with an expected price range somewhere in the multi-millions.

Deep breath, guys:

“We’re about to put out a piece of art like nobody else has done in the history of [modern] music,” Wu-Tang icon RZA said in the Forbes article. “We’re making a single-sale collector’s item. This is like somebody having the scepter of an Egyptian king.”

Added RZA, “The idea that music is art has been something we advocated for years.”

Speaking of music: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin will be a double album with 31 songs spread out over 128 minutes, all of which fans will be able to hear on headphones when it’s on tour. Provided they pay the price, that is — “likely in the $30-$50 range,” Forbes reports.

Certainly, this is an interesting (and wildly ambitious) way of releasing new music. Almost makes our collective Beyoncé freakout last December seem quaint. What do you guys think about all this — yea or nay?