The Bleachers video for “I Wanna Get Better” feels a lot like an episode of Girls: emotional discord and screwed-up relationships set against a backdrop of real-world apartments and therapists’ offices — and of course, random celebrity cameos.

The clip opens with lead singer Jack Antonoff (also the bassist of fun., and the real-life boyfriend of Ms. Dunham) chasing after his girlfriend as she storms out of the house, leaving him for good. “This is crazy; we’re, like, not even awake yet,” he whines. “Come back inside and I’ll make you an espresso.” But she’s not going to be placated, and his day is downhill from there.

Antonoff arrives at his psychiatric practice with coffee on his crotch and a bevy of disgruntled clients to see — played by actors like Retta from Parks & Rec and Mary Kay Place from Big Love. Everyone’s screaming “I Wanna Get Better,” (which should definitely be the theme song for GIRLS):

Anyway, watch the clip here:

Antoff and Dunham sneak some great lines in there. Says one dad: “I don’t want to be at work with a bunch of random people’s daughters. It’s distracting.” And Retta to her husband: “Waiting until I get dressed and then putting on the same thing that I’m wearing is not fixing yourself.” Husband: “But I don’t know how to power clash.” I guess I never realized how lucky I am that power clashing comes naturally to me?

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