Comic Book Men Kevin Smith
Credit: Ben Leuner/AMC

Kevin Smith, late-night TV host?

We could easily see that. AMC is developing a late-night talk show titled Hollywood Babble-On, starring Smith and the co-host of his popular podcast, Ralph Garman. AMC also has renewed Smith’s docu-series Comic Book Men for a fourth season. And that’s not all: AMC is teaming with Smith on the development of a docuseries featuring collector Comic Book Men regular Robert Bruce, following him and other expects as they comb the country searching real estate sales, auction houses and flea markets to find rare items (sort of like Antiques Roadshow for geeks).

This was all part of a larger AMC slate announcement that also included a greenlight for the network’s first scripted comedy, We Hate Paul Revere. Written, executive produced and starring Ethan Sandler and Adrian Wenner (My Boys, Whitney), the show is as unconventional as you would expect for AMC’s comedy — and like the network’s first drama Mad Men it’s even a period show. It tells the story of brothers Hugh and Ebenezer Moody and “their struggle to find their place and the recognition they believe they deserve as they live in the shadow of history in Colonial Boston.” Joel Stillerman, AMC’s executive vp of programing, said, “In We Hate Paul Revere, we’ll explore the characters that history forgot. For more than 200 years, Paul Revere has had a pretty good ride. It’s about time someone took him down a peg.”

There was a tiny bit of news about The Walking Dead spinoff too (oh, excuse us AMC, “The Walking Dead ‘companion series'”). Dave Erickson (Sons of Anarchy) has been tapped to co-write and executive produce the project along with Robert Kirkman.