Credit: Chris McKay/WireImage

Just when we were finally getting used to calling Sean Combs “P. Diddy,” he goes and changes his name again. Typical.

Okay, so Combs has actually been known as P. Diddy, or occasionally just Diddy, since 2001, when he decided to shed Puff Daddy to make a statement about turning over a new leaf. (At the time, he was going through a weapons trial — a convenient opportunity to say “Ignore my past!”)

But in a new teaser video for an upcoming track, “Puff Daddy” flashes on the screen. The old name is back! Although according to Combs, Puffy was never gone:

Yeah, be cool, guys. Geez.

Watch the teaser for “Big Homie,” which will feature Puff Daddy (this feels weird), Rick Ross, and French Montana, below: