March 25, 2014 at 11:14 PM EDT

How helpful would it be to have a character break the fourth wall and actually explain what’s happening in the complicated Game of Thrones storylines?

The folks at Quiznos’ Toasty.TV, who created the video below, hired the perfect man for the job: none other than everybody’s favorite anti-hero Frank Underwood (well, a really good actor who impersonates him) from House of Cards.

In the mock clip, faux-Underwood pops in on the Seven Kingdoms to give some exposition and wreak even more havoc. Highlights include: Underwood having “his dragon” (a.k.a. his chief of staff Doug Stamper) blow fire in Khaleesi’s face and throwing Jon Snow off an icy mountain, Jaime Lannister getting his other hand chopped off, and of course, some short jokes at Tyrion’s expense.

But the best part is watching King Joffrey eat a poisoned turkey leg while Underwood gloats about the sub sandwich he brought.

Watch the clip below:

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