By Jake Perlman
March 25, 2014 at 03:00 PM EDT
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Chris Colfer may be best known for playing Kurt since the beginning of Glee, but now the Golden Globe winner is getting the opportunity to see his character from a completely different side.

Colfer is currently writing an upcoming episode of Glee that will air later this season. Though it’s the first time Colfer will write for the hit Fox show, fans know that he is already an accomplished writer with the movie Struck By Lightning and the New York Times best-selling children’s novel series The Land of Stories. Now, after five seasons in front of the camera, Colfer is realizing how much his work will affect everyone behind the scenes.

“Usually when I’m writing a project, it only affects me,” Colfer tells EW. “But now it affects everyone I’m working with. Sometimes I want to torture my castmates a bit!”

Colfer says the experience has been both exciting and nerve-racking and that he still has a lot of work ahead of him. One of the main things Colfer needs to catch up on is the plots of the other characters that he may not be as familiar with, especially since he doesn’t even know what will be happening to his character by that point in the season.

As for which character will be easiest for Colfer to write, the answer is pretty obvious. “I’ve been in Kurt’s head for six years, so it’s much easier to write for him.” But that doesn’t mean the whole process will be easy. The hardest part may just be the first time other people get to see it. “I just don’t want my castmembers to be reading it and go, ‘Oh crap!'”

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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