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After last week’s shocking departure on Teen Wolf, fans were left stunned. But as the old adage says, the show must go on, and that’s exactly what everyone will attempt do in this week’s season finale. But it won’t be easy.

In fact, juggling the grief in the aftermath of Allison’s (Crystal Reed) death and extremely pressing threats from the Nogitsune will make for an action-packed season ender, according to star Tyler Posey and creator Jeff Davis.

“They’re reeling from it,” says Posey. “The episode opens up with us being interrogated about Allison’s death and Scott’s just out of his mind. He has no idea where to turn. He prides himself on being this Alpha and this caretaker and protector and he lost one of the people he cares about the most. So he’s hit pretty hard by it. So he’s dealing with that this whole episode but at the same time he’s trying to kill ‘Void Styles’…we have to take him down.”

More details on exactly how the gang will do that, how Allison’s death will affect everyone, and a brief preview of season 4 below!

On Allison’s death:

JEFF DAVIS: “It was a mutual decision….She decided she wanted to move on and try new things, which is completely understandable for an actor who maybe doesn’t want to play a teenager for the rest of their lives. And I said if Allison is going, we’re going to have her go out with a bang. And one of the great things about her death is that we want to give it meaning. It’s one of those great heroic deaths that I love, and I love that she dies in her first true love’s arms. It’s the first person she loved. She may have dated others but Scott was the one. And it doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t have fallen in love with other people, but as she says in the episode, ‘It’s perfect; I’m glad in your arms.'”

On Scott’s reaction:

TYLER POSEY: “There’s this scene between me and Melissa [Ponzio, Scott’s mom] where Scott completely breaks down because of Allison and it’s really good and great.”

On the finale:

DAVIS: “It’s the last ditch attempt to save Stiles, to get rid of the Nogitsune, and, actually, something happens that puts the lives of everyone they love in danger. So it’s sort of all-out war in the last episode. We also leave on a pretty big cliffhanger.”

POSEY: “The last episode is really cool, and I think it’s great that we killed off Allison in the second-to-the-last episode so you could have that last episode to grieve….If she was killed in the last episode, you have this whole break to wonder what’s going to happen. And then you have this last episode to put everything together and realize that she’s not going to come back.”

On using Allison’s departure to keep the show fresh:

DAVIS: “You get into later seasons and you don’t want to keep doing the same things. You want to shake things up and you want to try new storylines and you want to introduce new characters. It brings in fresh blood, which is good for a show like ours, which is a teen show but very fast paced. It’s a thriller. The other thing it does is it raises the stakes for the show. It says you’re not safe and it creates a feeling in the audience that you should care about these people because you might not see them again.”

On season 4, which kicks off about two months after the finale:

DAVIS: “[Allison’s death is] going to be very hard for them in the finale [and] it’s going to affect quite a bit of the fourth season. The fourth season, the first episode is called ‘The Dark Moon.’ And the Dark Moon is the time in the lunar phase in which the moon is the least visible in the sky and it’s often thought of a time of reflection and grief. And that is what’s going to be hanging over that episode which is taking place in Mexico, actually. And you’ll see..we call it our Raiders of the Lost Ark episode. It’s very action packed. But it’s going to be the episode that starts the group in a new direction…It’s going to take some time to get over it. But these resilient teenagers are going to have new challenges to face.

On season 4’s theme:

DAVIS: “It’s the redefining of his pact, actually. In the next season, now that [Scott] has solidified his status as an Alpha, how does he maintain the balance of being both human and werewolf in the next season? What happens in season 4 is very human problems start to arise. He’s faced a lot of supernatural problems but now he’s going to have some very difficult human ones.”

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