We get the inside scoop on ''How I Met Your Mother,'' ''Orange Is The New Black,'' ''Pretty Little Liars,'' ''Veronica Mars,'' and ''Lost''

By Lindsey Bahr
March 21, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

The annual PaleyFest always offers up insider info on beloved TV shows — even ones that have been off the air for years. EW (the festival’s official media partner) was on the scene in L.A. as showrunners and stars shared some scoop. Here’s what we learned from five fan-favorite series:

How I Met Your Mother
We still don’t know if The Mother is dead, but at least it was confirmed that yes, Barney and Robin will definitely get married.

Orange Is The New Black
There’s a new inmate, and she sounds deliciously disruptive. Lorraine Toussaint said her character Vee is “a streetwise drug maven who runs children.”

Pretty Little Liars
Ali DiLaurentis will be back, said EP I. Marlene King, making season 5 “feel like a whole new show.”

Veronica Mars
Believe it or not, Logan and Veronica were never intended to be a couple. “He was hired to be the obligatory psychotic jackass,” said creator Rob Thomas.

Ten years after we first saw Oceanic Flight 815 crash on that mysterious Island, EP Carlton Cuse officially doused one burning question: “No. They were not dead the entire time!”