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The CW’s latest drama with attractive teens is a post-apocalyptic tale about 100 (hot) delinquents who get ousted from their space home by really horrible adults, then sent to Earth to see if the once radiation-soaked planet is inhabitable again. What unfolds is a Lord of the Flies type rebellion: The teens attempt to establish their own society and cut off communication with their leaders on the Ark (the name they use for their space station home) because, Dude, they sent us here without knowing if it was safe and were totally cool with us dying. So, like, GFY.

Not all the teens think that way, though. Some of them, like Wells (Eli Goree), whose dad (Isaiah Washington) is Chancellor, and Clarke (Eliza Taylor), the daughter of space doc Abby (Paige Turco), keep in mind the implications of severing communications with the Ark. (If all of their health monitors indicate death, they say, no one will want to come back for them.)

Further complicating matters is the fact that it seems Earth’s newest residents are not alone. There’s something lurking about in the forests where the teens were dropped, and judging by their first encounter, they’re not friendly. And, frankly, that’s exciting. In fact, the introduction of these mysterious beings was one of the best parts of episode 1, which is why they made my list of highs and lows below:

HIGH: Are they mutants? Cannibals? Hipsters? WHO KNOWS! The only thing we know so far about these mysterious Forrest Foes is that it/they know how to use arrows, so we can rule out Smoke Monster. In general, though, I’m hoping these things come to light sooner rather than later so we can see the teenagers fighting something besides each other.

HIGH: Speaking of arrows, one of the kids — goofy Jasper (Devon Bostick) — got shot with an arrow and taken by the FF’s in the pilot. That was pretty shocking. In the larger scope, a good portion of the Earth time was spent proving that there is real danger lurking. (In another scene, a girl was bitten and almost killed by some gigantic snake thing — the scientific term, I’m sure — in a river.) That’s an element of the show that I hope continues.

LOW: I rolled my eyes when Bellamy (Bobby Morley) assumed the role of leader of the teens. Of course the cocky jerk is going to try to lead and everyone will follow. Personally, had I been among the 100, I wouldn’t let that little punk lead my book club much less my new society. Bellamy has no credentials (unless you consider a big mouth a credential), no proven leadership skills, and 97 years ago would have spent his days seating me at a Joe’s Crab Shack. Wells would have been a much better person for the kids to throw their support behind. Bottom line: Why are kids in the future so stupid?

HIGH: You think you got problems, parents on 90210? Meet some adults with REAL problems, particularly Abby (who was almost executed) and Chancellor Jaha (Washington), who after being nearly assassinated finds himself in a battle for leadership with his second in command Kane (Henry Ian Cusick). It was really refreshing to have some parents with purpose on a teen drama.

HIGH OR LOW? It’s nice to see that Space Teens still have access to an Urban Outfitters.

Continue with your own highs and lows below.

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