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Reign‘s newest royal couple, Francis and Mary, just got back from their honeymoon, and things are already looking grim. For starters, Bash is still in love with Mary — even though he ended the last episode by kissing a hot hunter — and Lola has admitted that she is pregnant with Francis’ child. Add all that to the fact that King Henry just humped a woman out of a window to her death, and we’ve got some very exciting drama ahead of us.

To talk about what comes next for the very pregnant Lola, and what Olivia was saying about the darkness, we caught up with Anna Popplewell (Lola). She told us all about the love triangle, Henry’s “misbehaviors,” and an upcoming wedding:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Lola dropped this pregnancy bomb on Mary in the last episode, so where does their friendship go from here?

ANNA POPPLEWELL: Well, it’s tough. [Laughs] Basically, in a nut shell. It’s a big mistake isn’t it? I think it’s going to be a very difficult thing for Mary to truly forgive and forget. She’s very magnanimous in the episode we’ve just seen, and I think part of that is due to the fact that the way that she finds out about the pregnancy and about Lola’s liaison with Francis is in a situation where Lola is risking a horrible death in order to abort the child, in order to save Mary and Francis’ marriage, and in order to stop Mary from finding out that this ever happened. So I do think it’s going to present big problems for their friendship in the future. I think that the fact that Lola has shown that she is so sorry that she is willing to risk death over making things right is obviously a big motivator for Mary to preserve their friendship as best they can. The main thing for Lola and Mary at the moment is trying to find Lola a husband, because if they can find a husband quickly enough, then they can pass the child off as being that husband’s child, and Francis and Mary won’t have to face Francis having a bastard son with Lola or a bastard daughter with Lola.

Is Lola’s connection with Francis dead? Will we see more of their connection, even in a non-romantic way, moving forward?

I mean you will certainly see them interact again this season. I think that that connection was very much of that moment. They were both in dark places. I think it’s not an accident that it happened outside the castle. I think they were both having reflective moments on their unhappiness at French court, and how despite the fact of how lucky they are, how wealthy and fortunate socially, that there’s a kind of dissatisfaction there and a kind of sadness. I think that that connection was something that happened in that moment, in those circumstances really.

Maybe this is me holding onto something that I need to let go, but I really loved Lola and Bash’s moment that happened a while back.

It really was just a series of moments, like a light flirtation I guess. But that was episode 4. So that was a while ago, and I think it was a very small glimmer of a possibility, because at the time, Bash was really having feelings for Mary. To me it seemed like they got along, but I don’t know whether that was ever heading in a particularly romantic direction.

Okay, is it something I should let go?

I think it’s something that you should probably let go of, but I would never say never on Reign.

Fair enough. The last episode ended with Mary lying next to Francis in bed with her eyes open. It seems their honeymoon period is literally and emotionally over, so what is this pregnancy going to do to this core love triangle of Bash, Mary, and Francis?

I think it shouldn’t really be a surprise given that they got married in episode 13 with nine episodes of season 1 still to come that it’s not going to be plain sailing for Mary and Francis, and obviously that has implications for Bash because he’s so invested in his feelings for Mary. But it also I think just reflects how bumpy life in general is at French court. This was never really going to be an easy marriage, both of them political priorities that sometimes are at odds with one another, so obviously Lola’s pregnancy and Mary’s promise to Lola to keep that pregnancy a secret from Francis is going to be one of the challenges that they face, one of the sources of mistrust, but they’re going to have plenty of things to talk about and fight over and make up over. Just because they’re married, doesn’t mean they’re going to be happily ever after.

With this pregnancy, are we going to get any more of Lola’s family and her story?

Well we’ve met her brother and we know a little about Lola’s family – we know that she lost other brothers, that now, this brother is her only remaining brother – and it’s interesting because the logistics of family were a little different then. I mean all of these girls left their families when they came to [France], and there haven’t exactly been visits. So they’re all acting fairly self-sufficiently, but obviously bearing in mind how their actions affect their family reputation whilst they’re at court.

Branching out a little, the promo makes it seem that King Henry might be going on a bit of a killing spree, so what can you tell me about what’s coming up for him?

King Henry is rarely not misbehaving it seems, but there will some kind of more serious misbehaviors in episodes coming up, yes.

Will we get more Clarissa this season?

Maybe is all I can say to that. [Laughs]

The darkness was introduced in the last episode, so what can you preview about what’s coming up, and what this darkness could mean for everyone in the castle?

I think it’s so interesting, this idea of the darkness, because we’re always watching the political machinations and sexual intrigue and personal worries of these characters at French court, but the darkness is something that threatens all of them, and that will become more apparent as the season continues, that there’s this overarching threat. And it’s something that will be explained further and dealt with more explicitly and more directly as the season goes on.

Where are you all in filming?

We’re just starting to shoot episode 21.

Do you have an episode or a story that you’re most looking forward to fans seeing?

I can tell you that Lola is going to get married before the end of season 1, and I have been having a lot of fun working with the actor who plays my husband, so I’m looking forward to fans seeing those scenes.

Can you tell me if we’ve met him yet?

I can’t. You’ll have to wait and see.

Reign airs tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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