By Clark Collis
Updated March 20, 2014 at 02:58 PM EDT

Was it easy to photograph the entire cast of Archer for a feature about the hit FX show in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly? Not really. Were we surprised when they arrived with an ocelot, a literal ton of cocaine, and several boxes of the now-available-to-buy eponymous album from Cherlene? Yes, absolutely. Did a large quantity of the aforementioned cocaine disappear down the gullet of a certain ISIS human resources director in the course of the shoot? We’re going to have to take the Fifth on that.

Above, you can check out Malory, Woodhouse, Cyril, Krieger (and his virtual girlfriend), Sterling Archer, Cherlene, Lana, Pam, and Ray in the resulting exclusive “photo” (which is, of course, actually an illustration with art by Archer behind-the-scenes folks Neal Holman, Kim Feigenbaum, Jill Dykxhoorn, and Stephen Slesinski. Many thanks!)

We are also making the image available as wallpaper so you can raise up Archer with just a flick of your fingertips. Phrasing!!!