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March 19, 2014 at 06:17 AM EDT
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Can’t we all just get along? That was the theme behind tonight’s episode, the short answer to which is: No. Not when Klaus Mikaelson is involved. Honestly. For someone who’s so stuck on the idea of family, Klaus seems to forget that Elijah is the one who has saved his life for all these years. We get that you want to be the big bad wolf, Klaus, but what exactly are you doing? Then again, you could make the argument that he wants his child to be safe. Is he actually being a good father, even if it means being a bad brother? Let’s get to it!

We started with Klaus talking about how time heals all wounds. However, “the greater the loss, the deeper the cut, and the more difficult the process to become whole again.” Pain fades, but scars “serve as a reminder of our suffering and make the bearer all the more resolved never to be wounded again.” Klaus was of course talking about losing Rebekah — something I still haven’t grasped, though honestly didn’t really notice in this episode. And in coping with his loss, Klaus turned to painting and sex. More specifically, sex with powerful witch Genevieve. Elsewhere in the French Quarter, witches and vampires turned to anger and revenge. But once enough time passed, a month to be exact, it was time to begin anew.

Elijah was ready to make the city whole again, and if Klaus wasn’t going to help, Elijah would hold a meeting of his own. At the church, all the faction leaders gathered to discuss boundaries and a potential peace treaty. But when Hayley — who’d successfully given Celeste’s treatment to her pack — found out that the wolves weren’t invited to sit at the table, she crashed the party. She wanted her people to have a voice.

Meanwhile, Davina was struggling to find her voice as a witch now that she couldn’t seem to practice magic post-death. Even a meeting with the adorable Josh couldn’t help her. Thankfully, Marcel was keeping tabs on her. He told Josh to help Davina. If she couldn’t practice magic, she was going to be in danger. As for Marcel? He wanted to get Thierry on his side. He was preparing to build an army to take back his city.

But Marcel had something else to deal with first: Father Kieran was deteriorating to the point where he had to chain himself up to keep from killing. Marcel showed up and got a witch to put a boundary spell on the attic so that Kieran wouldn’t leave. Then, Marcel helped Cami find a lot of bourbon before he helped her find her bed! It was a very hot one-time thing, or so they claim, but the bad news is that Genevieve saw the whole thing thanks to some witchy dreamcatcher-turned-peep-hole thing. And considering Genevieve is jealous of Cami’s relationship with Klaus, we can assume she’ll spill the beans, which won’t be good for poor Cami.

In town, Elijah was approached by a woman named Francesca, who planned to represent the human faction now that Kieran was in an unstable mental state. According to Elijah, Francesca owns the Palace Royal Casino, is a leading philanthropist, and runs a drug trafficking empire. Blame it on Breaking Bad, but I immediately liked this woman. Tell me she used to be a chemistry teacher, and I am in! However, my affection for her lessened when she tried to threaten Elijah. The only good thing that came out of it was Elijah’s humans-are-so-amusing-and-adorable-thinking-that-their-threats-mean-anything-to-me face:

Eric McCandless

Cut to the next scene, and I’m passed out on the floor because do you see Elijah in that black V-neck?! That should not be legal. But also, he should wear it every episode. Getting down to business, Klaus offered Elijah some very simple leadership advice: Throw a party! So he did.

Genevieve brought along Davina and the baby witches, Francesca brought her new dress, and the wolves brought all of their hair. Speaking of that hair, Oliver immediately had eyes for a much-too-young Davina but was stolen away by a super bitchy Monique before anything inappropriate went down. But I wasn’t the only one against Oliver. Diego was not a fan of wolves considering his family had been killed by a pack. But for now, things were going smoothly. Elijah managed to beautifully threaten Jackson before asking Hayley to dance. But when the talked turned to her returning to the palace — I love that they call it that — she got angry and swapped dance partners. She and Jackson flirted as Elijah listened on. Oh! I’m so torn! Elijah is obviously my favorite ever, but I can’t decide if Hayley is right for him! Plus, Jackson is hot (and I want Elijah for myself). Help!

In a secret meeting upstairs, Klaus and Jackson made a deal. Klaus revealed the ring we saw many episodes back, the one that belonged to a direct descendant of his biological father. Apparently, it was a moonlight ring, much like the daylight rings that the vampires wear. It would protect werewolves from the curse of the moon, and it was Klaus’ bartering tool. He claimed he wanted to give the city back to the wolves because their strength comes from family unity, and the safety of that unity is what he wants for his unborn child. As he put it, “Vampires are the antithesis of unity.” Jackson was in.

Meanwhile, a fight broke out between Oliver and Diego that lasted all of 20 seconds before Elijah and Jackson broke it up. But both men put down their weapons when Hayley gave a speech about how they all either need to get along or kill one another already. I get her point, but can you imagine the tragedy if all these beautiful people killed one another? My heart couldn’t take it.

In the end, all change begins with a plan. Elijah got the factions and Klaus to sign the peace treaty, but little did he know that Klaus was already planning big things for the wolves. As Jackson put it, the rings would take them from being everyone’s equals and make them everyone’s superiors (except for Elijah, I might point out).

Across town, Davina had found her magic — suck it, Monique! — and Thierry was joining forces with Marcel. A war was brewing, the biggest of which being between Klaus and Elijah the second that Elijah finds out Klaus’ plan to help the wolves take over the city.

So what did you all think of the episode? Did you miss Rebekah or did you barely notice, like me? And what are your thoughts on these new wolves being more permanent characters? I like me some Jackson. Sound off in the comments below while I go check my mailbox for an invite to Elijah’s next party.


“Until then, I should tell them what? Sit, stay, roll over?” -Hayley to Elijah about the wolves

Cami to Klaus after spotting Genevieve: I saw the light from the courtyard and took a chance that you weren’t with a half-naked psycho witch. Seems I gambled and lost.

Genevieve: 10 minutes ago, I was fully naked.

Cami: Oh, then you served your purpose. Don’t let me hold you up.

Cami: Really? The woman tried to blackmail me into stabbing you with the mystical knife of excruciating pain.

Klaus: Well, New Orleans breeds nothing if not strange bedfellows.

“I do hope your daughter inherits her mother’s … everything.” -Elijah to Hayley

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