By EW Staff
Updated March 19, 2014 at 01:00 PM EDT
But Enough About Me

Sloane Crosley’s favorite underrated books are written by people like Jim Shepard, who she compares to “literary Pringles,” and Jancee Dunn, who gives advice to could-be music journalists. Check out what else the author picked below:

Love and Hydrogen by Jim Shepard: “If you have not read Jim Shepard, this is an excellent place to start. The title story alone is worth the purchase but you won’t be able to stop there — the man is like literary Pringles.”

Is There No Place on Earth For Me? By Susan Sheehan: “I feel like when you want to read about mental illness (and you obviously want to), most people wisely start with Kay Jamison. But Sheehan’s is a gorgeous third person account of paranoid schizophrenia and it hooks you with the first line.”

But Enough About Me by Jancee Dunn: “This is one of the funniest memoirs I have ever read and certainly the funniest one about music journalism. It includes such helpful everyday tips as ‘how to politely refuse your host’s kind offer for heroin.'”

On The Edge of Reason by Miroslav Krleza: “Just the insightful, ingenious early 20th century Croatian novel of ideas that you were looking for. Yes, it’s basically the same title as the Bridget Jones book. No, it does not end the same way.”

The Keep by Jennifer Egan: “The A Visit From The Goon Squad author is certainly not obscure, but I don’t think The Keep gets enough credit. It’s a novel with in a novel and so engrossing. It’s the kind of imaginative that reminds you why people want to write these things.”