By Andrea Towers
Updated August 04, 2017 at 02:52 PM EDT
James White/NBC

Like his predecessor, Seth Meyers is honing in on his SNL background to give Late Night (and its audience) a little something special. In Tuesday night’s interview with fellow SNL alum Jason Sudeikis, Meyers announced that the show will introduce “Second Chance Theater,” a segment that would highlight some of the strangest sketches that didn’t make the cut for the SNL stage.

Who’s on board? According to Meyers, we can look forward to Will Forte’s lost “Jenjamin Franklin” sketch, and Sudeikis promised to reenact his angry juggler sketch, “Juggling Flyer.” There are currently no other details about who (or what) we might see, but we can imagine that Meyers — who spent 13 years at SNL on the stage and as a head writer — has plenty of delicious material to choose from.

Watch the interview in full below.

Who do you want to see on Second Chance Theatre? Let us know in the comments below.

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