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As far as I’m concerned, the more Diggle, the better. And tonight’s episode reminded me why that’s the case. And when you add in a tearful Ollie and the Suicide Squad? Oh yeah. I’m one happy viewer. Here’s what went down:

The episode began in the way that every episode should, with a shirtless Oliver. Only instead of working out or doing something sexy, he was having a nightmare within a nightmare at Sara’s clock tower apartment. He dreamt of a dead Shado calling him a murderer, which prompted him to take action. He called Bratva and arranged a meeting, where he asked for help finding Slade Wilson. But when the Russian was all “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours,” Oliver decided that instead of back scratching, he’d do some ass kicking. With a gun aimed at his head, Bratva was much more willing to play along. Good work, Ollie.

At headquarters, Sara was worried about Oliver. He hadn’t been eating or sleeping since he found out about Slade. But Ollie assured her that he wasn’t scared. He was ready for a fight, and this time, he’d make damn sure Slade was dead.

With all of Oliver’s loved ones under special surveillance, Diggle was caught sitting outside Felicity’s house. She brought him some hot cocoa in her adorable pajamas, and the two of them shared a moment. Those Felicity-Diggle moments are some of my favorites. But it wasn’t long before he got a text from an unknown number. It had a hotel room number in it. Off he went, gun in hand, only to find Lyla, who was back from a mission! She missed her ex-husband/new boyfriend, and I can’t blame her. She was using one of A.R.G.U.S.’s rooms for a quick reunion before the duo ran into Amanda Waller. She had a mission. For both of them.

There was a nerve agent overseas that Waller described as the “apocalypse in the form of a chemical weapon.” It was about to hit open market when A.R.G.U.S. discovered an uncovered manufacturing plant. They destroyed all of it but one sample. They’d traced the remaining sample overseas to Markovia. But why did she want Diggle involved? Because the sample was in the possession of a warlord that Diggle and Lyla had met during their days in Afghanistan. Diggle had saved his life. That was their way in. Diggle was going to “bump into” his old friend and infiltrate a fundraiser. But don’t worry. He’d have backup. Diggle, meet Designated Task Force X, or as Deadshot calls them, the much catchier, Suicide Squad!

Diggle wasn’t exactly excited to be working with criminals, but he got on board. Suddenly, Deadshot, Shrapnel, Tiger, Mockingbird, Harbinger, and Freelancer (Diggle), were working a mission together. Diggle successfully bumped into the warlord, before fake saving him from yet another bullet. However, the mission went slightly haywire when Shrapnel tried to escape. Too bad Amanda Waller had implanted a bomb inside his head. As Lyla put it, the criminals needed some sort of incentive to follow orders. But let’s just say that didn’t sit well with Diggle’s moral compass. All arguments and door slamming aside, the mission was a success. Diggle was invited to a humanitarian event.

After a brief bonding session between Diggle and Deadshot — Deadshot has a daughter! — it was time to get to the benefit. Deadshot went to pocket the nerve agent when he discovered it was being mass produced. There was too much for him to take. Well then, it was a good thing Waller never intended for him to walk out with it … or walk out at all. She told the rest of the team to get out of there. She was targeting Deadshot. She ordered a drone strike, and because he’s Diggle and we love him, Dig pulled a Bruce Wayne and cleared the party out before he went and saved the man who once killed his brother.

Once the mission was complete, or perhaps failed is a better word, Waller dismissed Diggle. Considering the Markovian government was threatening retaliation for a drone attack, it’s likely she won’t be calling Diggle for help anytime soon. As for Diggle and Lyla, nothing is black and white, but they both agree that they can’t lose each other again. Confession: I might have yelled, “You go, Diggle!” as he kissed her in this scene. Like I said, the more the better.

Back in Starling City, Laurel was applying for retail jobs and watching Oliver do what he does best: Push away the people he loves. In his attempts to chase down Slade, he found an old Deathstroke mask with an arrow through the right eye, and then at Slade’s office, Ollie found a dead man with another arrow through his eye. The extra special trick? Slade had a projector playing an old video of Shado smiling and being all happy. That’s when Ollie realized just what he was up against.

Ollie had tried to push Sara away to protect her, but even Laurel — who was in no way annoying this episode! — knew that wasn’t going to work. She told him that he was only protecting himself by keeping Sara at arm’s length. And after he couldn’t catch up with Slade, Oliver went to Sara. “I don’t know what to do,” he admitted. Slade had been planning this for years. “I don’t know how to stop him.” Sara insisted that he start by letting others help him. But Ollie knew that Slade would come after Sara. “You’re alive because Shado isn’t,” he told her. But if Slade is coming after Sara no matter what, what does it matter if they’re together? “Let him come,” she said. “I’m not the girl he knew on the island. I’m not that easy to kill.” In a very sweet moment, the two agreed to deal with everything together.

Then, as Sara went out to dinner with her finally bearable-again sister, Ollie (and his sexy button-up) had something else in mind. The Arrow suited up and paid Amanda Waller a visit. He told her that Slade Wilson was alive, to which she responded by introducing Ollie to a new player they’d been tracking, a mercenary. He’d left a trail of bodies leading to Starling. “We’ve been calling him Deathstroke.” Boom.

What did you all think of the episode? Did you love seeing more of Diggle and Lyla’s background? And will the Suicide Squad team up with Arrow to take down Slade Deathstroke? Finally, what did you think of the Harley Quinn Easter egg? Sound off in the comments below!


“O.J. and Charles Manson weren’t available?” -Diggle on the members of the Suicide Squad

“So I get you, sitting outside my house like that lacrosse player my freshman year of college.” -Felicity to Diggle

Lyla: These past few months have been amazing. We’ve done more playing than talking.

Diggle: That’s because when we talk, we tend to get divorced.

“Is it because of the whole cheating, shipwreck, drowning, not drowning, you’re back, she’s back thing?” -Laurel to Oliver on why it might be weird to talk about his relationship with Sara

“My mother sometimes enjoys a casual relationship with the truth.” -Oliver

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