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Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the Pretty Little Liars season 4 spring finale, stop reading now!

EZRA!!! He can’t be dead. He can’t be dead. He just can’t. And Mrs. D?! Who killed her?? And why? I can’t even begin to wrap my head around everything, so let’s dig in (pun intended)!

We picked up right where we left off last week, with the girls coming face to face with… Noel! Turned out, Noel had been helping Ali. When the coast was clear, he went to get Ali, who was ready to tell all. By the end of the night, they were going to figure out who “A” was, or Ali was going to leave for good.

According to Ali’s story, here’s the stream of events from the night she disappeared (and a little more):

“A” had been threatening Ali since Halloween, so she went up to Hilton Head with Ian to get away. But when Melissa showed up, angry at Ian for cheating, Ali stole the N.A.T. Club videos off of his laptop and ran, a.k.a. that gross video of Toby and Jenna. Speaking of Jenna, she was at the top of Ali’s suspect list for being “A.” Ali took the video straight to Jenna to get her to stop, but as she turned to walk away from Jenna’s room, she got another text: “Bitch can’t see you but I do. Tonight’s the night I kill you.” Just like that, Jenna was off the suspect list.

Back in her room, Ali changed into her yellow shirt when she got another threat, this one written on her mirror: “I’m everywhere. And soon you’ll be nowhere.” Good one, “A.” Going through her list of suspects, Ali realized that just about everyone was compromised on the videos she’d stolen. But when she went to meet the girls, her mom stopped her. Mrs. D made some ominous comment about how you “can never turn your back on a Hastings,” before she sent Ali back up to her room. She didn’t want her going out. “You have to send somebody immediately,” Mrs. D told whomever was on the phone. She was very worried about something — could it be that someone had escaped Radley?! The same someone who killed Toby’s mom? I’m totally guessing, but it’s all I got right now.

At the barn, Ali drugged all her fellow Liars in order to eliminate them as suspects. If she received a text while they were asleep, she’d know for sure. It was that simple. Just then, Toby stopped by the barn to thank Ali. Apparently he thought Ali did him a favor by sending him to juvie and helping him be “free at last” from evil slutty Jenna. That’s how Ali knew he wasn’t “A.”

From there, Ali met up with Ezra, who was angry with her for lying about her age. We got a brief glimpse at Ali and Ezra’s first meeting before we were back in the car on the night Ali died. Ezra told her he didn’t want to see her get hurt but that she would no longer be seeing him around. He had been writing a story about her, but not because he was in love with her, more because he was fascinated with how big of a liar she was. In present day, Ali told Aria that Ezra started looking for her because he thought that if he found her, he could get Aria back. Ugh, my Ezra-loving heart is so happy/heavy right now!

After she left Ezra, Ali blackmailed Ian at the Kissing Rock. She threatened him with copies of the N.A.T. Club tapes and told him to stop texting her, or to get Melissa to stop texting her. If she received another threat, she’d release the videos and he’d go to jail. According to Ian, those videos could bring everybody down, including Ali’s family, but Ali didn’t care.

Back at the barn, Spencer was awake (thanks to all the speed she was on). She and Ali got into a fight after Ali had asked Spence to tell Melissa about her affair with Ian and then changed her mind. Spencer went all crazy until her pills fell out of her pocket. When Ali promised not to tell, Spencer went back to sleep at the barn. So wait, was Spencer’s memory of hitting someone with a shovel all a lie? And do you all really think she was asleep (and therefore not a suspect)?

Finally, Ali went to see Byron. She didn’t think he was “A” but she needed him to know that she had the tapes. Then, she went to the barn to wait for a text. When she didn’t receive one, she thought she’d beaten “A,” so she went home to get some sleep. But when Ali showed up in her front yard, she was hit over the head with a rock as Mrs. D looked on and screamed from inside the house. Next thing Ali knew, her own mother thought she was dead and was burying her alive. Ali couldn’t move or speak to tell her to stop. She said her mom was talking to someone, asking, “What have you done?” over and over… but who? Who would Mrs. D cover for like that?

The Mrs. Grunwald bit of things was true — she did pull Ali from the ground, after which Mona found Ali by the side of the road. Mona drove Ali to the Lost Woods Resort, a.k.a. the location of her original “A” lair. Loser Mona then convinced Ali to get out of town. As Ali put it, Mona played her like a fool. That was the end of Ali’s story.

Back in present day Rosewood, Melissa had returned after Toby showed up in London and told her of Spencer’s relapse. But as soon as she got in the door, the entire Hastings family, along with CeCe, was taken to the police station for questioning. The police knew about Mr. Hastings hiring a private detective to look into Spencer. He seemed to believe that Spencer had killed the random girl in Ali’s grave, but Melissa knew otherwise. Melissa told her father that Spencer didn’t do it, and then she whispered something shocking in his ear. Really M?! Your first episode back and that’s all you give us?? Speak up, woman!

In another interrogation room, CeCe claimed to know who killed the girl in Ali’s grave. She said it was the same person who’s still trying to hurt Ali. But wait, wasn’t she helping Ali as Red Coat not long ago? Why didn’t she tell Ali any of this information? Most importantly, CeCe claimed to have proof, but that was the last we heard of her.

In Philly, story time was still in session. Ali explained how she had decided to stop running after Hanna’s accident. She was the one who’d pushed Ian at the church, and no, he wasn’t dead. She was also the one who saved Hanna at the lodge, but she wasn’t sure who had pulled the rest of the Liars out. And that will have to be enough for now, because “A” is here, and he’s got a gun (and a black mask!). Considering Noel had taken their phones — WHAT? WHY? — they couldn’t call for help. And having the police right upstairs didn’t seem to help at all as they climbed the fire escape up to the roof. Just as “A” got to them, so did Ezra! He and his black baseball cap were here to save the day! He fought “A,” causing him to drop the gun. Hanna picked it up and told him to take off the mask. Instead, “A” jumped to the next roof over — proving he has some serious physical abilities — and ran off. As Hanna put it, “There’s no way that’s your mom.”

And that’s when we realized Ezra had been shot, and I screamed “NOOO!!!” for the tenth time at my television. This year has been an emotional roller coaster for Ezra fans, and I refuse to believe that they would kill him after he proved that he was good. I REFUSE, do you hear me?! Hold on, Ezra!!

Back in Rosewood, it was definitely too late for Mrs. D, who was being dragged into a grave all her own and buried. At first, I thought this was a flashback and that the show had revamped the twin theory in a fantastic way, but when I rewound it, she was wearing her present day outfit. So “A” killed Mrs. D as soon as she found out Ali was alive? Do we think it’s Jason? After all, he is technically a Hastings, so her “never turn your back on a Hastings comment” would finally make sense, right?

So who can we take off the suspect list at this point? All of the Liars — unless you still suspect Spencer — and Ezra. According to Ali, Toby is in the clear, and unless someone snuck away from the police station, the Hastings family should also be alright. But what about Jason? And Noel? And any of the men in Aria’s family? To me, the “A” that fought Ezra definitely looked like a man.

Sound off with all your questions and theories in the comments below, and be sure to check back tomorrow for a post-mortem with show runner with Marlene King!

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