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Kermit may only be around 24 inches tall, but the famed frog doesn’t let his height deter him. So how does he get around the height issue when faced with acting alongside “giants” like How I Met Your Mother’s Jason Segel?

“I had to do many of my scenes standing on boxes — just like Tom Cruise,” Kermit told EW Radio on Tuesday while promoting Muppets Most Wanted, adding that he and the actor are just about the same height.

Despite having a “human in his throat,” Kermit also sang for News & Notes hosts Julia Cunningham and Mario Correa, regaling them with the wrap-up line from “Rainbow Connection.” And speaking of Kermit’s classic hit, he is still a bit put out that he lost out on winning the Oscar for “Rainbow Connection” to Norma Rae’s “It Goes Like It Goes.”

“What is that?” said Kermit of the 1979 Best Original Song winner. “I mean, I remember Norma Rae, barely, but ‘It Goes Like It Goes’? What a lame title!”

Finally, Kermit shared the secret method he uses to keep himself looking young. “I’ve gotta ask you, have you had any work done?” asked show host Correra.

“Well, not as much as my female counterpart,” Kermit said, referencing Miss Piggy. “The work I have done involves me getting in a freezer because frogs tighten up in the cold you see, because you may have noticed I’m not wearing any clothing…and all the wrinkles just, they’re gone.”

Listen to a short clip from Kermit’s exclusive interview below:

Muppets Most Wanted hits theaters March 21.

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