By Ariana Bacle
March 18, 2014 at 02:34 PM EDT
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This past December, Kate Winslet and husband Ned Rocknroll (more on that name later) welcomed a new baby boy into the world: Bear Blaze Winslet. So when the actress went on Ellen yesterday — for an interview that will air today — Ellen DeGeneres naturally asked how Winslet came up with that amazing name.

“A friend of mine when I was younger was nicknamed Bear, and I had just always really loved it,” Winslet explained. “He was everyone’s shoulder to cry on, he was a big bear hug, he was just this great figure in my life. And I had just always remembered it.”

And Blaze? “My husband and I met in a house fire, basically,” Winslet said, referring to the 2011 fire she and Rocknroll survived when they were vacationing (separately) in the British Virgin Islands. “We wanted something off the fire, so Blaze was the name we came up with.” Awww.

Now for her husband’s name: Rocknroll. He was born Ned Abel Smith, but changed it — before he met Winslet, though. “Would you have objected to that?” DeGeneres asked. “No. I have to say that, don’t I?” Winslet answered with a laugh. But Winslet did confirm that Bear’s last name is Winslet, not Rocknroll — so at least little Bear lucked out of that one.

Watch the entire clip below:

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