Author George R.R. Martin knows a thing or two about good fantasy stories: He wrote the extremely successful series, A Song of Fire and Ice — you may have heard of a little show called Game of Thrones based on the series. See what fantasy novels Martin enjoys (and thinks others should be enjoying more) below:

Accursed Kings series by Maurice Druon: (Pictured) “All the good stuff that’s in my books, minus the fantasy… but it actually happened. The books were originally published in the ’50s and ’60s, and only six of the seven were available in English, but HarperCollins is reissuing the set in the UK, and I’ve provided an introduction.”

Jack Vance fantasy novels: “Vance was a name in SF and fantasy series, but remains relatively unknown outside the genre. But his Dying Earth stories are classics of the genre, and by rights should be as well-known and widely read as Tolkien and Howard.”

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