By Emily Rome
March 18, 2014 at 05:58 PM EDT
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Acting with puppets was nothing new for Anna Kendrick when she visited Sesame Street. The Pitch Perfect star had appeared in a music video with the Fraggles, Ben Folds Five and Chris Hardwick in 2012.

“All I need to do now is the Muppets, and I’ve got the ultimate trifecta,” Kendrick told EW on the set of Sesame Street.

With her previous bit of acting alongside Jim Henson creations, Kendrick knew to expect the puppeteers to chat with her, in character, via their puppets, during her time on set. But even that didn’t quite prepare Kendrick for when little Abby Cadabby the fairy told her, “I really liked your arc and range in Up in the Air.”

“That was a freaky experience,” the Oscar-nominee said.

She teamed up with Abby and Elmo for Sesame Street‘s “Word on the Street” segment, where she teaches kids about the word “absorb.” If Kendrick could have picked any other Sesame Street resident to join her for the segment, she’d invite Mr. Snuffleupagus, a favorite from her days watching the PBS program as a kid.

“But I think that might be a little hard to get in frame — me and Snuffleupagus,” the diminutive actress noted.

Check out Kendrick’s Sesame Street appearance below:

That surprise entrance from Murray took a couple of times in rehearsal to get just right. At first, Kendrick was hesitant to pull into frame the orange-furred monster (puppeteered by Sesame Street director-writer Joey Mazzarino). Then, she was a bit too eager, appearing to strangle the poor guy. “An assault on Murray — not the way to win the heart of our Murray,” she quipped. Of course, as seen above, Kendrick got it just right in time for the cameras to start rolling.

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