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The fourth season of Glee was full of ups and downs, but one consistent bright spot was Lea Michele's Rachel Berry, who stretched her wings…
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How many times can you go to Regionals?

The Glee kids hit the big 100th episode milestone this week, which means it’s time for a look back. Remember when Rachel thought she was pregnant? Remember when Brittany had a web series titled Fondue for Two? Remember when there was a shooting at McKinley? NEVER FORGET.

Even a casual viewer of the show knows this musical dramedy goes through plot faster than the Glee kids go through crushes on each other. We don’t know what’s in store for the McKinley kids as they all become Broadway stars in New York (RIP, Smash!), but we do know there’s very little the show hasn’t already explored.

Below, test your memory about all the crazy things that have happened at one point or another — and see if you can spot the few things that never actually took place. Good luck!

Which plot points haven’t happened — yet?


A. Ryder confesses he was molested

B. Rachel has a crush on Mr. Schuester

C. Santana spends a whole episode thinking she’s pregnant

D. Rachel lands the job after her first big Broadway audition


A. Terri fakes a pregnancy

B. Kitty confesses she was molested

C. A whole episode revolves around the not-at-all-school-age-appropriate “Rocky Horror Picture Show”

D. Sam and Marley kiss


A. Finn is accepted to NYADA

B. Kurt is bullied by a closeted gay student

C. Blaine changes ages/school classes

D. Quinn is pregnant


A. There’s a gun fired at McKinley

B. Rachel thinks she might be pregnant

C. The club films a mattress commercial

D. Rachel is named student council president


A. Sue’s sister dies

B. Sam tries pot

C. Rachel sings “Poker Face” as a duet with her mom

D. The main couples lose their virginity, and it’s set to the music of West Side Story


A. Brittany is accepted to MIT

B. Artie and Tina date

C. Artie and Brittany date

D. Tina proposes to Artie


A. Sam works as a stripper

B. The Glee kids attend a wedding in Vegas

C. Rachel and Finn get engaged

D. Quinn is in a wheelchair for a bit


A. John Stamos plays a dentist married to Emma

B. One of Rachel’s dads is played by Nathan Lane

C. Finn sees the face of Jesus in his grilled cheese sandwich

D. Will Schuester works as the janitor


A. Brody works as an escort

B. Ken Tanaka resigns after suffering a nervous breakdown

C. Emma ditches Will at the altar

D. The Glee kids devote a whole episode to Elton John music


A. The school has a Be Your Best Self Club

B. The school has a Too Young To Be Bitter Club

C. The school has a God Squad

D. The school has a Secret Society of Superheroes Club

Never happened: 1. C; 2. D; 3. A; 4. D; 5. B; 6. D; 7. B; 8. B; 9. D; 10. A

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The fourth season of Glee was full of ups and downs, but one consistent bright spot was Lea Michele's Rachel Berry, who stretched her wings…

Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, and high school anxiety star in Fox’s campy musical.

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