Dandelion Wine

We know R.L. Stine as giving us the gift of the Goosebumps series. Want to know where he draws some of the inspiration for his legendary horror novels from? Then check out his picks for favorite underrated books:

Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury: “A reminiscence of a time and place that probably never existed. Every page has startling beauty.”

Liberty by Garrison Keillor: “His funniest, most wry, most engaging book. Worthy of Mark Twain, in my opinion.”

A Long Long Way by Sebastian Barry: “A brilliant World War One novel by one of our great prose artists.”

Mindswap by Robert Sheckley: “An original and hilarious sci-fi premise, later stolen by dozens of authors, including me.”

The Horse is Dead by Robert Klane: “A forgotten humor novel that made me laugh harder than any other novel.”

Barefoot Boy With Cheek by Max Shulman: “A forgotten humor novel that made me laugh almost as hard as The Horse is Dead.”

A Kiss Before Dying: “Ira Levin was our best thriller-writer. This early book is a favorite of mine.”

Marathon Man by William Goldman: “Another superb thriller. Everyone remembers the movie — but who reads the book?”

The Inspector Rutledge novels by Charles Todd: “These WW1 Scotland Yard mysteries are tangled and sophisticated and fun — and should have a bigger audience.”