Credit: Chuck Hodes/NBC

There’s probably a good reason why doesn’t go into detail about the characters on the network’s new drama Crisis, premiering March 16 at 10 p.m. ET — and presumably it’s because most of them aren’t exactly who they seem.

The story is set in motion when a bus carrying the children of Washington, D.C.’s elite — students at Ballard High, including the president’s son — is ambushed. Taken hostage, they’ll be used as leverage: Imagine what powerful parents can be convinced to do when their children are in danger. Gillian Anderson stars as Meg Fitch, the CEO of an international IT company whose daughter is kidnapped and whose estranged sister (Rachael Taylor) is an FBI agent assigned to the investigation. “Meg is no exception: I think that all the characters’ lives go in a very different trajectory after this event happens,” Anderson says. “Meg is used to being in control of everything in her life and being able to pick up the phone and make things happen, and she can’t really do that right now in this situation. You see her try to over a few episodes, and there are consequences to that, let’s just say. And because of those consequences, a different part of Meg comes out that we don’t see at the beginning.”

She wasn’t told the character’s full arc when she signed on for the show. “Sometimes [knowing] is not necessarily helpful. It can get in your way and you start to play the end early on, which is not good. So I knew nothing,” she says. “I know more now. But I know nothing about the future.”

Watch a sneak peek of the ambush scene below.

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