By Steven Korn
Updated March 15, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT
Gary Null/NBC/Getty Images

Comedian David Brenner, a familiar face on TV talk shows and stand-up comedy stages since the 1970s, died on March 15 at age 78, according to his publicist. Watch some of the memorable moments from 40+ years of laughs:

Tonight Show debut (1971)

According to Brenner’s official website, the comedian would appear on The Tonight Show a record 158 times.

Standup routine on NBC’s Midnight Special (1974)

Co-hosting The Morning Show with Kathie Lee Gifford (c. 1980s)

Howard Stern meets David Brenner on local N.Y. morning TV show’s final broadcast

Howard Stern accepts bikini underwear challenge on Brenner’s Nightlife (1987)

On The Jon Stewart Show (c. 1993-95)

Rethinking pregnancy on Late Night With Conan O’Brien

Riffing on the Monica Lewinsky scandal on Late Show With David Letterman (c. 1998)

Talking race stereotypes and reality TV on Politically Incorrect (Jan. 8, 2002)

Cracking up the ladies of Chicago’s You & Me This Morning (March 1, 2013)