Your appreciation of our Oscar cover featuring Lupita Nyong'o and Cate Blanchett, and more

By EW Staff
March 14, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

Style and Substance
How prophetic was your issue with Lupita Nyong’o and Cate Blanchett on the cover (#1300)! The photo captured the genuine exquisiteness and allure of these actresses, who both won in their respective categories on Oscar night. Kudos to you, EW, you always get it right!
Russell Moody Jr.

I applaud the fact that the cover story called out the GlamCam and quoted Cate Blanchett as saying, “…you don’t want to be talking about the dress, you want to be talking about the work.” But a few pages later, you took away the impact of that statement by reducing Lupita Nyong’o to a style icon during awards season. I’m sure many people are interested in the style, but I prefer to judge the performances.
Chris Westland

Ice Escapades
I was disappointed that EW’s lone response to Johnny Weir‘s Olympics gig was to make a k.d. lang-themed joke in The Bullseye. You can love or hate the Chanel jackets, gold headbands, and statement necklaces, but Weir and Tara Lipinski were the most refreshing part of the broadcast. Their chemistry was undeniable, and Weir’s commentary was insightful and hilarious. Here’s to seeing them in 2018.
Missy Frederick
Falls Church, Va.

Victims No More
Thank you for ”TV’s Tiresome Assault on Women” (#1301). As a rape survivor and a woman, I am horrified at how the industry has overused this hideous crime just to further stories. While I respect the writers’ right to include this horror, shame on them for helping to desensitize the world. Where is the entertainment value in showing the humiliation of a human being? I was an avid watcher of Scandal and Downton Abbey, but I had to walk away due to the painful surprise attacks. I used to praise both shows for their originality in writing. Now I am disappointed in their lack of creativity.
Chea Castro

Wonderful Tonight
Mark Harris’ column on Jimmy Fallon (The Final Cut) asked a question some critics were asking after The Tonight Show‘s debut: Sure, he’s good right now, but how will he be in 20 years? Who cares? The 39-year-old Jimmy is great, in my opinion. He speaks from his heart, is genuinely impressed by many of his guests, and knows how to have fun with his audience. He will evolve as the years go by, like the rest of us. So give the guy a break and enjoy him right now, just as he is.
Linda Loland
Des Plaines, Ill.

West Side Story, Remade?
“Something’s Coming” to a theater near you… compliments of Steven Spielberg? Fox is reportedly making the 1961 movie musical available for adaptation based on the director’s interest in the project. Like the Jets and the Sharks, readers are ready to rumble.

Hell, No!
Really? Why? Why do we need to keep remaking things that were fantastic the first time? West Side Story won 10 Oscars. This is not something you mess with. The movie used the stage show’s director-choreographer, Jerome Robbins. He worked with Robert Wise to make something fantastic. Why mess with success? —Sarah E. Pierson

Heck, Yeah!
Even as a fan of lyricist Stephen Sondheim, I have to say this is one of those rare cases where a remake would be justified. Don’t get me wrong, the existing movie is really good. But if you’ve ever seen a live production you know the film doesn’t quite capture the source material, and I could see a director of Spielberg’s caliber improving on it. —davy jones