Cartoon Clone High may have been booted from MTV back in 2003, but Bill Lawrence still has fondness for the series that he helped create. The Scrubs and Cougar Town creator talks why he thinks Clone High was so great, and tells us his other picks for his favorite underrated TV shows:


“Best binge viewing of the year, murder “mystery” that becomes more about the people and the town and how something like a kid being killed tears apart so many lives and, and, and… Great pay-off.”

Clone High

“Yeah, I was involved, but it’s not self-aggrandizing because I did very little. The geniuses behind this show, (comedy-writer-director-animators) Chris Miller and Phil Lord, just made The Lego Movie (and 21 Jump Street). Clone High premise: Every dead historical figure and celebrity was cloned and goes to the same high school. This subversive cartoon killed me, and caused a symbolic hunger strike in the Indian parliament (due to the cartoon representation of Ghandi) before being pulled by MTV.”

30 for 30 documentaries on ESPN

“The perception is that these are for sports fans. They are for everyone, and some of the best short documentaries I’ve ever seen.”

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