New records from Kylie Minogue and Young Money

Kylie Minogue, Kiss Me Once
When Minogue immigrated to Jay Z’s Roc Nation last year, her core constituency hoped for progress — or feared that the Aussie star was losing her identity. Both were wrong. On her 12th studio album, Kylie is still as happily self-governed as the continent she came from; Roc envoys including Pharrell (co-writer of the standout “I Was Gonna Cancel”) are mere visitors in her land of bouncy, electrofied club bait. Dodgy songs abound (see: the trying-too-hard trio of “Sexercise,” “Sexy Love,” and “Les Sex”), but so does Kylie’s plucky charm — which should keep her fan base proudly pledging allegiance through album 13. B-Adam Markovitz

Young Money, Rise of an Empire
Even the most talented members of Lil Wayne’s crew wear out their welcome over the course of an album, which makes this pupu platter an ideal means of consumption. None of the newcomers can hang with superstar moments like Drake’s blustery “Trophies,” but the rookie-posse cut “Fresher Than Ever” crackles. BKyle Anderson