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March 12, 2014 at 06:29 AM EDT
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I have two words for you all: Baby Mikaelsons! How adorable were the accented little ones in those flashbacks?! I’m pretty positive there’s nothing better, though I’m still not sure why Elijah’s had an Australian accent, but never the mind! This episode was all about the three siblings, their 1,000-year story thus far, and where they go from here. Let’s dive in.

We started on a flashback to the days when baby Rebekah was scared of a thunderstorm and baby Klaus promised to always stay with her, no matter what. We then cut right from there to Klaus’ angry “Rebekah!!!” yell we’ve come to know so well. Standing between his younger siblings, Elijah told Rebekah to “leave us now.” It was Papa Tunde’s knife vs. the white oak stake and age vs. hybridness as Elijah vowed to protect Rebekah for “as long as it takes, by whatever means necessary.”

Meanwhile, Marcel was trying to use Davina to find a loophole in Celeste’s spell. The only problem was that a bag full of scented candles didn’t seem to erase the awful memories Davina had of death. Although the other three harvest witches that had been resurrected claimed their ancestors helped them on the other side, Davina’s experience wasn’t so bright and shiny. Because she had betrayed her own kind, the witches threatened to do horrible things to Davina if she misused her magic again. Davina wasn’t sure whom she could trust, so Marcel went straight to Genevieve, who was now in charge of the French Quarter coven. Genevieve explained how Davina was shunned by her ancestors because of her alliance to Marcel. In order to lift the boundary spell on the cemetery, Genevieve wanted Davina to come live with her own kind. She promised to teach her, and Marcel agreed.

Back at the sibling showdown, Elijah assured his brother that he grew up fighting him. “I can’t be beaten, nor can I be persuaded,” Elijah told his little bro. But when Elijah called Klaus out on acting like their father, Klaus justified his anger with Rebekah’s betrayal. And when Klaus told Elijah that he never suffered under Mikael’s hand, we got another flashback, to the days when Elijah (and his accent) taught NiKlaus to hunt. When NiKlaus failed to shoot a deer, Mikael let his anger out by kicking his blond son. But that was enough of memory lane. Bekah was ready to speak now or forever hold her peace.

And so it began, the trial of Rebekah Mikaelson. Rebekah talked of Klaus keeping her from love, but he claimed he was just protecting her. Then she asked what had happened to the sweet boy who loved art and music, the one she once wanted to be just like him. “How could you have fallen so far?” Elijah jumped in to add that no one had stood by Klaus’ side longer than his sister. In another flashback, she even pulled a sword on her own father to stop him from whipping Klaus. Let me take a brief pause here to thank the writers for the return of Elijah’s longest wig to date and, of course, his biceps!

But when Rebekah tried to save Marcel and claimed it was all her idea to call Mikael, Klaus got angry. Rebekah said that father was the “lesser evil” compared to Klaus. She wanted to be rid of her brother, and given the choice, she’d do it again. That was the moment Klaus went after his sister, but just before he could stab her with the white oak stake, ninja Elijah was there to save the day. Not only did he tackle Klaus away from Rebekah, but in one swoop, he managed to get the white oak stake as well. Suddenly, Elijah was double-fisting both weapons of choice.

This face is what I like to call, “Hybrid says WHAAAT?!”

Now that he had Klaus’ full attention, Elijah let Klaus in on a little family secret. Rebekah had once tried to kill Mikael in his sleep. She would’ve gone through with it had Elijah not stopped her. The point: She loves him, but his malicious treatment broke her heart years ago. Now, she’d made a mistake. Elijah still remembered the innocent human girl Rebekah once was, but Klaus didn’t care. He tried to turn the tables by — gasp! — insulting Elijah’s suits. NOW you have gone too far, Klaus! Not cool! Here’s how it went down:

Klaus: “You look at me and you see everything you abhor in yourself. Sure, you dress it up with your fancy suits and your handkerchiefs. You, with your mask of civility and eloquence, you’re every bit the abomination I am… or worse.”

But Elijah wouldn’t be phased by Klaus’ attempt to force Elijah to act. He threw the white oak stake aside. “I’m not so cowardly that I have to kill you, NiKlaus. But if I have to make you suffer to protect Rebekah, that is what I will do.” Oh yeah, Klaus, the suits aren’t what make this man eloquent.

Klaus wasn’t done. He made a comment about how Elijah clings to hope that the bastard can be saved because it means maybe there’s hope for him, but we all knew Klaus was trying to distract him. Unfortunately, it worked, and Klaus ruined a perfectly good suit by putting Papa Tunde’s knife in Elijah’s chest. I’m really getting sick of watching Klaus stab Elijah, y’all.

However, Elijah had the last laugh when Rebekah showed up with the white oak stake. Rebekah wanted Klaus to take the blame, but he was more focused on getting her to admit that she didn’t call Mikael to scare him, but that she wanted her dear old daddy to kill her bastard brother. And when she admitted that maybe she did, he stuck the white oak stake in her chest. I panicked for half a second before realizing she hadn’t caught on fire, so clearly she wasn’t dead. Turned out, Klaus had purposefully missed her heart. He’d just wanted her to feel a fraction of the fear he used to feel when Mikael came for him. Then, in the ultimate tear-filled heart-to-heart, Rebekah and Klaus admitted they were both ruined by Mikael. They all were. Klaus had his anger. Rebekah had her paranoia. And poor Elijah dedicates himself to everyone but himself (I love how Elijah’s bad qualities are always kind of good.). As Rebekah put it, they’re the “strongest creatures in the world, and yet we are damaged beyond repair. We live without hope, but we will never die. We are the definition of cursed… always and forever.”

After Genevieve lifted the boundary spell, Klaus decided it was time for a new story. He was even with Elijah, so he removed the blade from his chest. Then he told Rebekah to go. “Go far away and never come back. We are far too damaged to remain together. Less a family now than a volatile mix of ingredients.” New Orleans would be Klaus’, but Rebekah was free to leave. In her goodbye to Elijah, she agreed that deep down, the brother they once knew was still within Klaus. She asked Elijah to help Klaus find his way.

And apparently Elijah interpreted that to mean, “Go kick some ass in New Orleans and show everyone who’s boss,” because when Klaus returned home, he found Marcel, ready to face him in front of all of his people. Klaus was not in the mood. For once, the big bad wolf was walking away, but then his big brother showed up and threw Marcel across the room. “Good evening, I trust I need no introduction. After all, this was once my family home,” Elijah said, like the BAMF he is. “Tonight I’m taking it back.” Elijah then revoked everyone’s privileges before exiling Marcel from the French Quarter. “That is all, run along.” God, I love Elijah.

At Esther’s grave, Rebekah said goodbye to Marcel. She understood that he loved his city, and she’s not the kind of girl who likes to share. After one final kiss, she told him, “Do try to stay alive.” Then, she visited Hayley in the bayou and told her to be careful, for the baby will inherit their family’s many, many enemies. And with that, my TV cut out, and I lost the final moments I had with the Original sister. Apparently I have enemies of my own, and their names are time, warner, and cable. But this can’t be a real goodbye for Rebekah, right? Right?!

So what did you all think of the episode? Hardly anything could top last week for me, but I always enjoy the emotional scenes between siblings. They’re just too good. Although, so help me, if Klaus stabs Elijah again, I’m heading down to New Orleans myself.


“You should see yourself: The murderous expression, the self-righteous posturing. You look like father.” -Elijah to Klaus

“A century ago you betrayed Klaus, the most dangerous vampire in history and the only one that can save you is the girl you had locked up in my attic but she’s a basket case so really your only hope is my niece psychoanalyst to resurrect a teen witch. Does that about sum it up?” -Kieran

“1000 years with Klaus, I guess you deserve a few vacation days.” -Hayley

Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies star as Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson in this Vampire Dairies spin-off about the first family of vampires, their life in New Orleans, and the witches and werewolves who live there.
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