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We’ve all taken a bubble bath while singing along to Prince, right?

Pretty Woman, the 1990 romantic comedy that made a superstar of Julia Roberts, is the latest in a string of movies looking to make a musical leap to the Broadway stage.

First reported by the New York Post, EW has confirmed that film and theater producer Paula Wagner and Pretty Woman director Garry Marshall have been meeting with Broadway creatives to compose and direct a musical adaptation of the classic rom-com.

The film — which celebrates its 24th anniversary later this month — follows a successful but lonely businessman (Richard Gere) who falls for a luckless prostitute (Roberts) after hiring her to spend a week with him.

Marshall would co-write the musical’s book alongside the film’s screenwriter J.F. Lawton. This wouldn’t be Marshall’s first time transforming his material into a musical, either: he wrote the book for a musical adaptation of Happy Days (the beloved sitcom he created in 1974), which enjoyed a two-year tour in the U.S. and launched a successful European tour in 2014.

In the cinematic realm of romantic comedies (a realm that Broadway has sampled in the past), Pretty Woman remains one of the most iconic, helping to usher in an entire decade’s worth of movies that helped define the genre. There are signs that it would work on Broadway — the film is itself a loose interpretation of the Pygmalion story, which inspired the legendary musical My Fair Lady (coincidentally rumored for a Broadway revival later this year).

What say you, diehard Pretty Woman fans? Do you want the fairy tale? And who would you want to see play Viv on the stage?

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