By Samantha Highfill
Updated March 12, 2014 at 10:10 PM EDT
The Originals Rebekah
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The verdict is in: Claire Holt is no longer a series regular on The Originals, a.k.a one of the three Originals that the show is named after, and the only female member of the family, is gone. And to be honest, I’m so surprised by this news that I have barely had time to formulate any sort of real emotion to attach to it.

My first instinct is that it’s a bad move. There were only three living Originals to begin with, and to get rid of one of them is just trimming the possibilities in terms of story. And although I will admit that I find the Klaus-Elijah relationship most entertaining, I do think it’s nice to have another lens through which we can look at these siblings, and that’s what Rebekah was. However, I’m not going to lie — there were times when she was on The Vampire Diaries that I wanted her gone. She was a highly emotional character and could be a lot to take in.

Basically, what you can gather from all of this is that I’m a little scared and a bit skeptical, but I’m putting my faith in this show. Do I think it can exist without Rebekah? Yes. Do I know what that will look like? No, hence the skepticism. Also, I was really into the Rebekah-Marcel dynamic, so if she is going off to get her happy ending, I’m sad that it isn’t with him. I don’t know. This all just feels weird to me. But if it’s something the writers knew was coming and therefore planned for, then I’ll trust them.

But what does this mean for the show? One option, as I see it, is that boys will be boys. With the family’s only female sibling gone, what is going to happen with Elijah and Klaus? As much as I will miss watching Elijah defend his little sister, I’m excited to see what her leaving does to these characters. If Klaus and Elijah go off the rails and decide to fully exert their power, this show, believe it or not, could get a lot darker. Watching Elijah get his hands dirty? I’d definitely be down. And what about Marcel? Now that he has been exiled from the French Quarter, Elijah and Klaus have all but re-lit the match, making sure that Marcel is once again fighting against the Original family. We might finally get to see how that war will play out.

And as for Rebekah, might she return to The Vampire Diaries? She and Matt had a pretty adorable summer fling, so seeing her face in Mystic Falls, a place she once considered home, would not be the strangest thing. Or perhaps she’ll return out of love for Stefan?! TWIST!

Regardless, I think we will see more of her on The Originals, it will just be in smaller doses. I’m sure she will show up in a number of flashbacks, but I’m most intrigued as to how this will shift the entire dynamic of the show. If this is a show about family, how does it move forward without a key family member? For some reason, my gut is telling me that things are about to get a lot more violent. Three powerful men doing whatever is necessary to win a city that’s inhabited by some of the world’s strongest witches? Maybe Rebekah was smart to get out of town while she could.

But what do you all want to see happen with Rebekah? Vote below!

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