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Updated March 12, 2014 at 10:41 PM EDT
Billy On The Street Neil Patrick Harris

Hell hath no fury like a fired-up Billy Eichner. The 35-year-old comedian returns tonight for a third season of Fuse’s fun-and-frenetic game show from Funny or Die Billy on the Street, in which he tests New Yorkers’ pop culture knowledge at a turbo pace and very loud volume. What kind of manic antics can you expect to see from Eichner, who also guest-stars as the easily enraged Craig on Parks and Recreation? Below, he gives EW 11 teases for the upcoming 10 episodes, which air Wednesdays at 11 p.m.

1. “To kick off the season of the show back in December, I had a Christmas Carol ambush video with Amy Poehler that got very popular. Amy comes back to the show for another Lightning Round game, totally different than that but in the same spirit. It’s a little sequel to the Christmas Carol video. It involves Amy wearing a mask.”

2. “Lena Dunham does a number of games with me. And we bring back one of my favorite contestants from a prior season, which we’ve never done, and she plays against Lena in one of the games.”

3. “Last year we did a Julia Roberts obstacle course. This year we have our first triathlon, and it is based on my obsession, Meryl Streep.”

4. “There’s an Olivia Wilde Lightning Round called ‘Olivia Wilde Is Beautiful and You’re All Disgusting.’ Olivia Wilde is honestly one of the most gorgeous creatures I’ve ever seen in person. I’m really gay, but even so, Olivia is just stunning. So I thought, ‘How funny would that be to just throw that in people’s faces?’ It’s true: Olivia is beautiful and we are all disgusting in relation to her. You will see what happens when I take that idea out to the street and tell people that.”

5. “Lindsay Lohan and I play a very special game, which is unlike any game we’ve ever played on the show. It requires a lot of strength from both of us.”

6. “During a For a Dollar segment, I get very mad at people who aren’t excited that the Muppets are back. I run into a number of people who don’t know the difference between Sesame Street characters and the Muppets, and that infuriates me to no end.”

7. “Sean Hayes plays a fun game where I give him 30 seconds to take out his cell phone and try to call the most famous person he can who he thinks will pick up the phone. Someone does — and it is funny.”

8. “Seth Meyers and I talk about his new talk show a lot. And we play a very sexual game.”

9. “Joel McHale and I get into what is certainly the biggest argument I’ve ever had with a celebrity on the show. It’s a very heated verbal exchange that comes into the midst of an obstacle course game that I make him run.”

10. “Neil Patrick Harris (seen above) is on the show, and you’ll see I’m very passionate about the end of How I Met Your Mother.”

11. “Paul Rudd wins my favorite new prize of the season. Usually we give away all kinds of wacky prizes that aren’t really that great — I gave Pink paper towels, and I gave Will Ferrell a cat scratch post. But Paul’s prize is very special, and I’ll say this: It’s living.”

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