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Fans of The Bachelor have more in common than a love of watching attractive people do ridiculous things all in the name of “love.” In fact, those who enjoy watching people date on television are more prone to read about divorce, according to a new study. So, perhaps all of those failed relationships have taken a toll on the viewers after all.

By analyzing online behavior of Bachelor fans, Exponential Interactive has determined that fans of the show are 14.5x more likely to be interested in divorce. Exponential’s Director of Insights Bryan Melmed explains, “When we say they are ‘14.5x more likely to be interested in divorce’, it means that our Bachelor fan is 14.5x more interested in divorce-related topics than the average Internet user across our network.”

By comparing Bachelor fans to average Internet users, Exponential also determined a number of other characteristics for fans of the long-running reality show, including that they are:

9.8x more likely to be interested in romance movies

3.8x more likely to be interested in online dating communities

16.6x more likely to be researching wedding rings

11.4x more interested in seeking an attorney

21.0x more likely to enjoy jet skiing than the average Internet user

14.4x more likely to be knowledgeable about the Olympics

10.5x more likely to purchase sports drinks

9.3x more likely to be avid skiers

8.9x more likely to read about the Super Bowl

7.6x more likely to be into lacrosse

7.8x more likely to surf

7.3x more likely to go sailing

11.8x more likely than the average Internet user to actively stay informed through the news

10.0x more likely to enjoy comedy

9.52x more likely to enjoy musicals

As a rose lover myself, I’d also like to add that we’re approximately 10x more likely to enjoy a good hot tub hangout, and at least 5x more likely to appreciate a fine wine.

So what do you say, fellow Bachelor fans? Shall we purchase a couple of sports drinks, hit the surf, and then end our day with a musical and a call to our attorney?

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