By James Hibberd
March 08, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST

Supernatural spinoff double scoop! You know how The CW’s new Supernatural series is called Tribes? Forget about that. The official title is now Supernatural: Bloodlines. Also, the show has cast actress Melissa Roxburgh in a series regular role to play Violet, a member of the werewolf pack. We’re told “Violet hides her true nature because of her forbidden love for family rival David (Nathaniel Bozulic), but when cornered, her inner wolf breaks free.”

Roxburgh was previously seen playing Blake in a couple episodes on The CW’s Arrow, and was even once in a Supernatural episode in 2012 as Lila Taylor, a love interest for Chronos. The Supernatural spinoff pilot will air as part of the regular CW series later this season. It’s described as a “sweeping drama about the various mafia-esque monster families that, unknowingly to humans, run the underbelly of Chicago and who are being tracked by a newly minted Hunter who’s trying to stop them and rid Chicago of anything or anyone supernatural.”

But the Supernatural name change does lend itself to a question: Which title do you like better? Take our poll: