By Samantha Highfill
March 07, 2014 at 10:21 PM EST
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Reign has been pushing the CW’s envelope since day one, originally having to trim a masturbation scene in its pilot. And now, halfway through its freshman season, it has released an uncensored version of the most recent episode, titled “The Consummation,” online. In the television version of the episode, there were two censored sex scenes. Online, the full director’s cut was immediately made available. But is it worth watching? I’m not so sure.

As someone who has watched True Blood from day one, it’s not easy to make me uncomfortable while watching a sex scene. (Unless, maybe, you turn someone’s head all the way around.) But I will admit that when I realized what sex scenes were going to be extended online, I was a little bummed. The first scene features Nostradamus and an unnamed woman. Not being a huge fan of Nostradamus, I didn’t find this news all that exciting. And after watching the uncensored version, there really isn’t that much of a difference.

The uncensored scene does feature more of a zoomed-out look at the two of them in bed, and it does feature — gasp! — the woman’s bare back. The most noticeable difference, however, is sound. If The CW censored anything, it was the moaning.

The second sex scene was the actual royal consummation between Francis and Mary. The uncensored cut of the episode oddly made me less uncomfortable than the one that was aired on TV. Now, obviously, I was still incredibly uncomfortable, what with watching Bash (and others) witness this act, but there was something about a longer version of the scene that was less awful. Or perhaps I’ve been desensitized after watching it more than once.

In the longer cut of the scene, you do get to see more. Mary’s bare leg makes an appearance, and we get numerous full-body shots. Plus, the interaction with Bash is just a little longer, allowing the bastard brother to hang his head as Mary and Francis get a little more passionate, for lack of a better word. I feel gross just describing this.

But I think the thing that made this scene easier to watch was the artsy feel it had to it. The full-body shots gave a better sense of the room — gross or not — and made it less up-close-and-personal. I know that The CW zooms in on things because it shows less, but being that close to someone’s face when they’re having sex is incredibly awkward and invasive. I’d rather watch them thrust from a distance.

Okay, I have to wash my own mouth out with soap now. Long story short, the Francis-Mary scene was altered more than the Nostradamus scene. And although I actually like the extended versions a little better, they aren’t different enough to merit a re-watching unless you, like me, are a die-hard fan and you just can’t help yourself.

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