They had a hell of a night; we visited two inspiring talents in their hotel rooms as they woke up from the long, strange dream, that is Oscar season

By Marc Snetiker
Updated March 07, 2014 at 05:00 AM EST

Cate Blanchett
9 A.M.
The newly anointed Best Actress opened her room at the Beverly Hills Hotel to photographer Art Streiber as he sought to re-create Faye Dunaway’s iconic photo beside the hotel’s pool the morning after she won her Oscar for Network in 1977. “I’ve been chasing that photo for eight years,” Streiber says. “We scouted the pool but ended up in Cate’s suite, which in a lot of ways is even better and more intimate. That’s her bed, that’s her Oscar, and those are her flowers and her glasses and the newspapers that were in the room and the [Armani] dress she wore the night before. She was so game and willing.”

Steve McQueen
11:02 A.M.
Following 12 Years a Slave‘s Best Picture triumph, the director-producer was headed to the airport to fly home to England — but not before he scoured the headlines in his suite at the Sunset Marquis. “He was absolutely charming and still a little bit overwhelmed by the entire experience,” says Streiber, adding that McQueen’s mother, Mary, was also in the room, as were the two Independent Spirit awards he picked up on March 1 and the winning envelope from 12 Years‘ big night.