The animated series comes to Netflix

By James Hibberd
March 07, 2014 at 05:00 AM EST

Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans, rejoice! The 13 unaired episodes dubbed “The Lost Missions” of Cartoon Network’s animated series are coming to Netflix on March 7 along with the previous five seasons. Though producers didn’t have time to conclude every story thread when production was halted last year, supervising director Dave Filoni says the episodes address two key plotlines: the backstory of the Emperor’s Order 66 to kill the Jedi Knights, and Yoda learning some of creator George Lucas’ long-kept secrets of the Force. “If you’re a die-hard fan, they’re absolutely must-watch,” Filoni says. “They’re George’s last statement about Yoda and the Force and how things fit together.” As for whether The Clone Wars is truly finished, Filoni couldn’t resist paraphrasing a certain Jedi Master: “The future is always in motion.”