By Erin Strecker
Updated March 07, 2014 at 02:49 PM EST
Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

It’s the power of Oprah: This is the Lindsay Lohan people want to see.

The actress stopped by the Tonight Show last night to promote her upcoming reality show, which premieres on OWN this Sunday. Lohan charmingly giggled her way through a light discussion about being a selfie-taking pro, as well as her new life in New York.

But the big bombshell was Mean Girls-related. (That’s the very best kind of bombshell.) As anyone who’s been on the Internet recently is aware, the beloved high school comedy’s 10th anniversary is next month. And, according to Lohan, when she was backstage with Tina Fey before Fallon’s first Tonight Show, the two spoke about doing some kind of reunion. Viral-happy Fallon instantly volunteered to host the shindig on his show. So fetch.

Watch the goofy discussion below, in which Lohan also talks about guesting on 2 Broke Girls and an upcoming film. Turns out it’s more fun to be on a talk show when your future projects don’t include a jail stint.

Since this is Jimmy Fallon’s show, Lohan naturally couldn’t leave before also taking part in some kind of game. She and the host played the card game ‘War’ — with a twist. Whomever won each round got to throw a cup of water on the other person, culminating in the winner dousing the loser with a huge water gun. Watch below and find out why Fallon is cursing The Power of Oprah.

Mean Girls

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