By Samantha Highfill
Updated March 07, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST
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It’s no secret that Scandal is a big hit in the United States — but Jimmy Kimmel would like everyone to know that there’s also a Spanish-speaking version of the Shonda Rhimes drama, and it’s kind of a big deal in Mexico.

Welcome to … Escandalo! For Kimmel’s version of the show, he enlisted actual Scandal actors to create a telenovela that’s just a smidgeon crazier than Shonda Rhimes’s actual show. Whatever you’re picturing, it’s even better. Plus, it has Guillermo in the role of El Presidente. Let’s just say, Kimmel has this handled.

In part one of the new series, Katie Lowes professes her love for El Presidente, even though he’s having an affair with a very pregnant Kerry Washington Olivia Pope. And just as Lowes says those three words, Bellamy Young does what she does best: Sneaks out from behind a bush and shoots Lowes in the neck with a poison dart. OMG revelation numero uno: There’s a mole in the White House! Also, El Presidente rigged the election?!

Watch part one below:

Part two of the series, which premiered just last night, finds El Presidente in the hospital when Antonio (Tony Goldwyn) stops by. (And we all know his track record with hospital visits.) Antonio goes to smother El Presidente with his weapon of choice — a pillow — but things don’t go as planned. That’s thanks partially to Joshua Malina, who’s sitting in the next bed eating soup:

Next up on Escandalo: Kerry Washington, Scott Foley, and Jeff Perry! But our dreams will only fully be realized if Papa Pope shows up and scares Guillermo to the point of tears. Or maybe if Huck licks his face.

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