Jolie worked with special makeup effects artist Rick Baker and a team of edgy designers to create a villainess to remember

The Rings
designer Anna B. Sheppard commissioned five rings made of leather with accents designed to resemble a bird’s beak: “Angelina wanted them to be very spiky and dangerous-looking.”

The Horns
“We had to make them very light and removable,” says Baker of the nearly foot-long magnetic horns. Justin Smith designed the horn wraps, as well as some inspired headpieces.

The Collar
A team from Spain led by Manuel Albarran was brought in to create wild collars for each of Maleficent’s looks.

The Brooch
Sheppard sifted through countless stones before settling on a clear crystal.

The Makeup
Baker used prosthetics to achieve Maleficent’s razor-sharp cheekbones. “Angie liked the way Lady Gaga had her makeup done with triangular forms under the skin,” explains Baker, who also used a prosthetic nose and ears to complete Jolie’s look.

On the Classic Maleficent
“She was just my favorite as a little girl,” says Jolie. “I was terrified of her, but I was really drawn to her. I loved her.”

The Staff
The final touch to Maleficent’s look was made of rope and wood with a sculpted tip. “We went through quite a few before the right one was made,” chuckles Sheppard about the iconic prop.

The Robe
Jolie considered more than 50 types of black fabric. She ultimately chose a dense Japanese material with tiny pleats, which was “a leftover” from another movie Sheppard had worked on. But there wasn’t enough material for an impressive train, so “we finished it in leather,” Sheppard says.

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