New records from 311 and Dean Wareham


311, Stereolithic
The rap-rock fivesome outlasted their ’90s counterparts by laying off the boilerplate rhymes and touring doggedly. Their 11th album features the same fattened power chords, featherweight reggae stylings, and gentle melodies you remember, with nods to the live experience: hunt-and-peck grooves, honest-to-Santana guitar solos. Tidy jams for the age of carryout cannabis. B-Nick Catucci

Dean Wareham, Dean Wareham
After years of making dreamy cardigan rock with the influential bands Galaxie 500 and Luna, the wry Wareham can churn the stuff out in his sleep — and it seems like he might be doing just that on his solo debut. There are certainly some bright spots, but the charming melodies that elevated his previous work are now fewer and farther between. B-Ray Rahman