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Another week with The Tomorrow People means another secret will be revealed. Last week, we found out that Jedekiah is still in possession of Roger’s body (and maybe hoping to steal his brother’s powers). So with the show inching toward its season finale, what other secrets do the writers have in store?

We caught up with executive producer Phil Klemmer to talk about Tomorrow‘s love triangle, all things Jedekiah, and that Marla twist we still can’t let go. Turns out, neither can Klemmer’s mother. “Moms Klemmer thought that was the coolest,” Phil Klemmer tells EW. “She was totally taking credit. She’s like, ‘That’s me, right? I totally get it. I’m a superhero.'”

Here’s what Klemmer has to say about the rest of the season:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Last week left us with the reveal that Roger’s body is still around. Of course, our heroes don’t know that yet — but how is this going to change things moving forward?

PHIL KLEMMER: Moving forward to the end of the season, we’ve sort of established that Stephen finding his father is going to be the salvation for his family and the salvation for The Tomorrow People. And the closer he gets to realizing his season-long dream, the more Stephen begins to realize that this is an impossibility, and the reason that his father was killed by his uncle was kind of a legitimate one. And we’ll sort of gradually realize how complicated and tortured Jedekiah really is. By the time we reach the end of the season, we’ll come to believe that putting a bullet in his heart was probably the best thing that John could ever have done for his surrogate father. And by the time we realize that, it will unfortunately be too late for Stephen, who finds himself in the same boat in real time. And whether father and son are physically brought together, they’re certainly brought together in the way that Stephen finds himself basically facing the same impossible situation that forced his dad to an early, chilly grave.

Last week also introduced this idea of taking powers from a Tomorrow Person and giving them to a human. Personally, I’m voting for Jedekiah to get powers!

He is certainly a fascinating, fascinating character. What I really like about the remainder of these episodes is we will see him do things that are absolutely selfless and heroic, and you’ll see him do things that are totally sinister and just unforgivable. I think that if you stay with these stories, you’ll be with him. He really is the tragic hero of our series. I’ll promise that he will take someone dear to us; he will strip them of their powers. I won’t say whether it’s successful or not. And he will pull the trigger on one of our very beloved characters. Like I said, at the end of the day, it’s all in service of trying to prevail over his rival, this so-called Founder. So there’s some crazy stuff ahead.

And from what we’ve seen, Marla is crazy powerful. How will she tie into this war? Will she introduce any new powers?

The interesting thing about Marla is that her powers are kind of atrophied. In a way, it’s like a muscle that she hasn’t used in 20 years. She’s been so desperately trying to hold onto the illusion of a human life for the sake of her two boys, and even at the height of her powers, her powers are unrefined and explosive, as we saw in episode 13. Like her son, she was able, in this moment of emotional extremity, to use them and save the lives of Astrid and her father and herself. But that doesn’t mean that she can summon them. The interesting thing about Marla is you get to see she hasn’t made peace with her powers. And she certainly hasn’t made peace with her absentee husband, and she hasn’t made peace with the fact that her son is determined to put himself on the front lines. So the promise of the reunion for the Jameson family, which seemed so simple in the pilot — the idea of ‘if I just get my dad back, The Tomorrow People will be saved and my family will be reunited’ — it’s a bit of a mirage. The closer Stephen gets to it, the farther it seems to slip away, and the more dangerous and the more complicated that future proves.

What can you preview about what’s coming up for Luca, his potential involvement in any of this?

His life is certainly going to be placed in mortal danger along with a lot of other people. Whether or not he develops powers is something I really haven’t decided. It’s funny: I’ve got two sons, and obviously my older boy is really pleased that he’s the Stephen. And my little kid really relates to Luca. He’s always pushing me for Luca to do something spectacular and paranormal. But the wonderful thing about brothers is that tension and jealousy and love, and that whole crazy cocktail of Cain and Abel. Just the idea that Stephen and his brother could turn into Roger and Jedekiah, where you literally have brother killing brother and killing your brother with love in your heart. In a way, if Luca breaks out, it simplifies that for me. And tension is delicious.

I can’t let you leave without discussing the love triangle. What’s ahead for Stephen, Cara, and John?

I will say this: I’ve always claimed that the relationships in The Tomorrow People are kind of love during war time. The shells are flying, and the bullets are whizzing, and we’re digging trenches metaphorically all the time, and so, to steal a line from Short Round in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, there’s no time for love. But in the lulls in battle, things can happen very quickly and very surprisingly. And when facing your own mortality, regardless of your species, I think there’s a get-it-while-you-can urge. What I really like about this end of the season is that there’s so many bullets flying, and there are so many mortal dangers, and there are so many moments of proximity and sexual tension and romantic tension that our characters… they find themselves in really hot moments at weird times. I think that fans, regardless of which couples you’re rooting for, I think we have enough going on that I can say everybody will have a favorite episode.

The Tomorrow People airs tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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